Man Sues BMW For Causing 20-Month Erection

A California man has taken to the judicial system in attempt to sue BMW North America for causing his 20-month long erection.

According to the papers filed in the lawsuit of Wolf v. BMW, Henry Wolf is claiming that a 4 hour trip on his 1993 BMW motorcycle featuring a “ridge-like” seat gave him “a severe case of priapism” that’s lasted 20 months and counting according to USA Today.

Just in case you are unfamiliar with the term “priapism”, it is defined as a persistent and painful erection.

Included in the lawsuit is the widely used Corbin-Pacific seat company, which you can find being used on many well known motorcycle brands such as Harley-Davidson, Ducati, Kawasaki, Honda, Moto Guzzi, Victory, and Triumph street bikes.

The lawsuit is claiming that Wolf has been experiencing his “discomfort” since that 4 hour ride in September of 2010.


Listed in the lawsuit, the plaintiff is requesting to be compensated for damages from both the seat company and BMW for lost wages, medical expenses, emotional distress and “general damage.”

According to Wolf’s lawyer Vernon Bradley, his client is “now is unable to engage in sexual activity, which is causing him substantial emotional and mental anguish.”

Most people are aware of the hard to forget ending of most male enhancement commercials insisting to seek your physician for erections lasting more than 4 hours … so what are their recomendations in the event of it reaching in the area of the 15,000 hours?

What is your opinion of Henry Wolf’s lawsuit against BMW? Do you think the motorcycle and seat companies are responsible for his “discomfort”?