United States Joins The Hunt For Joseph Kony

Joseph Kony may soon get a chance to personally meet some of the world’s most revered soldiers.

Providing that all goes to plan, the United States Special Forces have decided to team up with the Ugandan effort to help bring down one of the most wanted men in the world.

The search has zeroed in an area in the Central African Republic known as Obo, located in unsightly terrain that could prove to be a challenge. This is also where Kony’s Resistance Army attacked and overtook back in 2008.

There are no exact details of the mission provided by the U.S., however according to AP, a Texas based Captain for the U.S. has hope for the situation saying that “we don’t necessarily go and track into the bush but what we do is we incorporate our experiences with the partner nation’s experiences to come up with the right solution to go out and hopefully solve this LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) problem”, says Gregory.

“It’s very easy to blame everything on the LRA but there are other players in the region – there are poachers, there are bandits, and we have to sift that to filter what is LRA,” he said.

Wanted for war crimes, Joseph Kony has been sought out for over seven years now by the International Criminal Court. His crimes include senseless killing, rape, and child abduction throughout central Africa.


Joseph Kony was recently brought into a bigger spotlight by the activist program Invisible Children, which seeks to bring awareness to the violence and widespread injustice’s brought on by the LRA. The influential non-for-profit released a video entitled “Kony 2012” which garnered international attention by the viral spread throughout the social networks.

The forces in Africa on both sides are very confident in their chances that the LRA and Joseph Kony will be brought down in a timely manner.

“I’m confident that the mission will be successful, but I can’t give you a timeline when that’s going to occur…” says General Carter Hamm, head of the US African command. “It is one of those organizations that if you remove the senior leader and the small number of those who surround him, I believe this is one of those organizations that will not be able to regenerate.”

Do you agree with the choice of the United States in joining the hunt for Joseph Kony?