Chris Soules Jokes About Safe Sex: Will ‘The Bachelor’ Ever Settle Down?

Bachelor Chris Soules hasn’t been spending much time on his Iowa farm lately. Two months after his split with Whitney Bischoff, the 33-year-old is busy making celebrity appearances, filming another reality show, and tweeting about safe sex.

No, he isn’t filming an ad for condoms. Instead, Soules is acting more like a frat boy than a guy who said he was serious about finding a wife and starting a family when he was cast as last season’s Bachelor. His most recent tweet of a toilet covered in plastic seemed to amuse the farmer, so he shared it with his followers.

Toilet condom!! #ipracticesafepooping

— Chris Soules (@souleschris) July 22, 2015

Many fans have questioned if Soules went on the Bachelor to find love, or if he was looking a one-way ticket out of his tiny hometown of Arlington, Iowa.

Shortly after his engagement to Bischoff, he moved to L.A. to begin rehearsing for Dancing with the Stars with his pro-dance partner Witney Carson. During his time on the show, rumors surfaced that he was hooking up with Carson while Bischoff returned to her job in Chicago.

Although Chris told US Weekly that his goal was to “start building a life in Arlington” with Whitney after his stint on DWTS, weeks later the couple issued a breakup statement. Since then, he has spent more time traveling than at home on the farm and seems to have little interest in finding a wife.

Chris recently spent a few days in New York City, enjoying the nightlife after taping an upcoming special that features his Bachelor buddies Chris Siegfried and Sean Lowe.

According to the Boston Globe, Soules is heading to Boston this week where he will spend three days performing some of the dance moves he learned on DWTS at an event called Ballroom with a Twist. There is no doubt that he will enjoy some of the city’s nightlife with his former Bachelorette co-star and Boston resident Dylan Petitt while he’s there.

In mid-August, Chris will make an appearance at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut with former dance partner, Witney Carson, at yet another ballroom dance event. After that show wraps up, there won’t be much time for him to get back to life on the farm — he’s scheduled to start taping a new reality show, Food Network’s Worst Cooks In America Celebrity Edition, and will be a featured panelist on The Great Love Debate.

Did Chris Soules really want to find a wife when he was picked to be the ABC’s 19th Bachelor, or was it just a stepping stone to a career in showbiz?

[Image: ABC]