Green Community Conspiracy Theory: Was Anti-Vaxxer Doctor Murdered For Linking Autism To Vaccines?

Presently, in medicine, there is an ongoing argument pertaining to the use of vaccines to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Though vaccination has attributed to the prevention of certain diseases from becoming a pandemic in the past (such as polio), it is often debated if they are just as good today. Ergo, there are a group of parents who refuse to vaccinate their children, believing they do more bad than good.

It should be noted the anti-vaxxer movement was spearheaded by controversial American doctor, James Jeffrey Bradstreet. Through personal research, Bradstreet claimed modern day vaccinations actually caused autism, a theory created after his son became autistic after a vaccination. Eventually, his work would garner support in the green communities. Now, that same community is conspiring theories because James Jeffrey Bradstreet was recently found dead. And though the media reports it as suicide, many think it was probably murder.

The official report on James Jeffrey Bradstreet’s death was done by Fox Carolina. Deputies claim the Bradstreet’s body was floating in the Rocky Broad River in Chimney Rock on June 19. After a fisherman found it, it was removed, identified, and analyzed as having a self-inflicted gunshot wound into the chest. After investigating the scene, a handgun was found in the river as well. As for Bradstreet’s body, it was sent to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for autopsy. The case remains under investigation.

The aforementioned details are very debilitating, but also peculiar among those who knew James Jeffrey Bradstree, calling him a wonderful man. According to Info Wars, numerous people who know him and/or support alternative medicine believe he was murdered for going against vaccinations and the big businesses behind them. Bradstreet’s family is even opening up their own private investigation, not taking the news at face value. Their plea to the public to refrain speculation, however, has failed as many expressed their disdain going back to the belief he was murdered. One person commented the following on the initial online report of Bradstreet’s death.

“Self-inflicted? In the chest? I’m not buying this. This was a doctor who had access to pharmaceuticals of all kinds. This was a religious man with a thriving medical practice. Sorry, but this stinks of murder and cover-up.”

Presently, there are certain media outlets, like Daily Mail, reporting James Jeffrey Bradstreet did indeed commit suicide probably because five people died from using GcMAF, an unauthorized autism drug that Bradstreet administered to patients. Nevertheless, it cannot be assumed if that is the reason for Bradstreet’s alleged suicide until something official is announced. Given the fact this situation is under the lens of conspiracy, what is released officially may eventually be debated too.

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