Jeffrey Dahmer Killer Christopher Scarver Wants A Book Deal

Christopher Scarver, the killer of infamous serial murderer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer, is reportedly shopping around for a book deal.

It’s been almost 18 years since Scarver – who at the time of the murders was not up for parole until 2042, but who will now never be released – bludgeoned Dahmer and another inmate to death with a broom handle.

The killing took place in a Wisconsin prison. Scarver would later describe his brutal deed “the work of God.” He now wants to share his story and reveal why he violently murdered Dahmer. According to TMZ, a rep for Scarver has reached out to some of the biggest book publishers around, offering a tell-all book about the killing.

Amongst the ghoulish details Scarver wishes to share are Dahmer’s final words. The 42-year-old Scarver also plans to discuss how Dahmer would play “sick, sadistic mind games and practical jokes” on prison officials and other prisoners during his time behind bars. Scarver is also motivated to reveal the life lessons he’s taken on board since killing his two fellow inmates.


There’s no word yet on whether Scarver will explain the death of Jesse Anderson, the inmate who was killed alongside Dahmer.

What do you make of Scarver’s proposed book, dear readers? Is it not morally repugnant to monetize murder, or do you feel such a book on an exceptionally renowned killer like Dahmer could be justifiable?

[Via TMZ]