‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Next ‘BB17’ Houseguest Going Home Is…

Big Brother 17 spoilers point to one houseguest walking out the door Thursday (July 22). These BB17 spoilers aren’t going to be that surprising to anyone watching the live feeds, especially with how Audrey Middleton has already checked out of the game. A report from fan site Big Brother Network reveals the bad news for Audrey, as she is about to become the fourth evicted houseguest of Big Brother 17.

Head of Household Shelli Poole is about to succeed in her goal to get Audrey out of the house this week, even if it wasn’t her original goal after taking power. She and Vanessa Rousso had been working hard to keep people against Audrey in the house, and their plans have worked out yet again. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the most popular houseguest in BB17 (John McGuire), is about to be safe again. That should at least make viewers really happy, as it isn’t even close in the latest poll.

The latest Big Brother 17 spoilers go on to state that it is going to be a 10-0 vote to get Audrey Middleton out of the house. While it makes sense that Audrey would get voted out after all the alliances she has made and then turned against, one side of the house still fails to realize they are getting picked off. One more week and the power alliance is going to have another member if Julia Nolan and the Twin Twist makes it past the fifth eviction. At that point, it might be the end for one side of the BB17 house.

The Wednesday night episode (July 22) could cover a lot that has taken place during Week 4, beginning with the Veto competition. What viewers want to know, though, is if CBS and show producers are going to reveal some information about what is going on with Audrey Middleton. Rumors that she was transported off the show to spend time in an emergency room have been pretty rampant. It was clear she was suffering through some emotional or physical problems that led to producers allowing her to break rules within the BB17 house. Will that be addressed or will CBS just show taped footage?

No matter how many Big Brother 17 spoilers come out before the taped episode, there aren’t many people watching the live feeds or just the CBS episodes that have a full story about what is going on with Audrey. It means one of the bigger mysteries of BB17 might not be resolved until Julie Chen speaks about it during the live Thursday episode (July 23).

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]