Vicki Gunvalson Denies Knowing Of Shannon Beador’s Husband’s Affair, But The Rest Of The ‘RHOC’ Cast Did?

Vicki Gunvalson claims she had no idea Shannon Beador’s husband was cheating on her prior to Shannon telling her herself.

Earlier this week, a report surfaced on E! News, claiming the entire cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County were privy to David Beador’s cheating before Shannon discovered the news. However, after reading the report, Vicki Gunvalson took to Twitter, where she denied knowing of David’s affair, and claimed her co-star, Tamra Barney, didn’t either — despite her recent claims.

Vicki Gunvalson has been a close friend of Beador’s since the mother of three joined The Real Housewives of Orange County during the show’s ninth season. Meanwhile, her relationship with Barney has been on-and-off. While the pair was estranged going into season 10, they reportedly made amends at some point during filming, but now, after Vicki Gunvalson’s “#liar” comment, it is unclear where they stand.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Beador appeared to confirm the reports of the cast knowing about her husband’s affair before she did during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live earlier this week.

“They all knew before I did. They did,” Beador told host Andy Cohen.

Judging by Beador’s comments to Cohen, she believed that not only Barney, but also the rest of her co-stars, Vicki Gunvalson included, knew of David’s infidelity, which she discovered last April.

“At the time when it should’ve been the best year of my life, he started an affair. I caught him whispering to this person on the phone and I suspected something was wrong… I just knew something was different and I was told I was crazy… I knew.”

In a blog post earlier this month, Vicki Gunvalson’s co-star opened up about having to relive her husband’s infidelities on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 10.

“When infidelity happens over the course of months, it isn’t possible to know everything that happened during that time period. The end result, however, is what is most important. If I happen to realize a lie that was told to me during the affair, David affirms his love for me and I feel his remorse. That is communication. That is moving forward. That is love.”

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