Family Home Ransacked As Parents Are Out Of State Spending Last Hours With Dying Toddler

family home ransacked while parents spend last hours with dying toddler

A Virginia family home was ransacked by burglars as the parents were out of state, spending the last hours with their dying 22-month-old daughter.

But the heartbreaking news didn’t stop for the family of little Elsa Graham Prather, who, at 22-months of age, was spending her last moments alive. She suffered from a rare, incurable condition called Dravet Syndrome — an illness which causes seizures and affects brain function.

The Virginia residents had to travel to Ohio, where little Elsa was being treated when the family home was ransacked. Thankfully, the robbers spared the dying girl’s room. However, police say the Prathers will not be returning to the home after they come back from their heartbreaking trip.

Graham and Alissa Prather’s daughter has been in the hospital for the past three-months, which required them to be away from home, by their dying little girl’s bedside. The parents received the bad news the following day from Alissa’s sister, Lindsay Hannan, who found the family home in Richmond, Virginia, ransacked, according to the New York Daily News.

The robbers slit a screen in the family’s home and sneaked through a window, tossing furniture and clothing as they stole a TV and other items, including possibly money and jewelry. Hannan and Erin Gray — Elsa’s aunt — were devastated to find the family home was burglarized while the parents were at the hospital with their dying daughter, WTVR-TW reports.

“It just hit me like a ton of bricks,” Hannan said.

“It was going to be hard enough for them to come back to this house,” Gray, told the CBS affiliate. “The back story of what we were going through already, it’s just unbelievable.” Police are investigating the burglary.

Little Elsa died with her parents by her side on Saturday after doctors told the devastated couple there was nothing further they could do for the toddler. The seizures, caused by her illness, had left her brain dead. Alissa and Graham Prather spent Saturday night sleeping by their daughter’s side and removed her from life support on Sunday.

Alissa wrote a heartfelt statement on the Facebook page established to bring attention to her daughter’s condition.

On Monday, Alissa posted the last update about Elsa thanking everyone for the support and prayers. The heartbroken mother also announced the date for the little girl’s funeral.

“Hello All!

First and foremost Graham and I want to thank everyone so much for the love and support we have received as we go through this difficult time. Everyone’s words are so kind and thoughts are so gracious.

We will be having a memorial service this Saturday, July 25 at 11:00 a.m. at the Tuckahoe Woman’s Club. Please join us in celebrating the amazing life of Elsa Graham Prather.”

Police say there have been other break-ins in the neighborhood and are investigating the robbery.

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