Kimberly Kloss — Younger Sister Of Karlie Kloss — Stuns At ‘Paper Towns’ Premiere

Kimberly Kloss, the younger sister of supermodel Karlie Kloss — stole the show at the Paper Towns premiere, E! Online is reporting.

Karlie was the guest of honor at Tuesday’s New York City red-carpet event, and she brought along her 20-year-old little sister for the event, and it’s Kimberly that’s got everyone talking. The younger Kloss stunned in a revealing white dress and black heels, while her sister went for a more conservative look.

Unlike her camera-loving older sister, Karlie Kloss has apparently managed to avoid the spotlight, mostly. Kimberly doesn’t appear to have an Instagram or Tumblr account. A Facebook profile in the name of “Kimby Kloss” shows several photos of a young woman who looks like Kimberly, but it’s unclear if it’s official or not. A Twitter account bearing the name Kimberly Kloss is protected, meaning that only those who have been given access can see her tweets — it’s unclear if the account actually belongs to Kimberly.

However, a 2012 Teen Vogue article provided the tiniest of glimpses into the life of the then-17-year-old Kimberly (who apparently goes by “Kimby” — or, at least, did at the time) and her twin sister, Kariann.

“Kariann is a horseback rider and lacrosse player (‘She’s the star goalie,’ says proud sis Karlie. ‘She’s in the newspaper all the time!’); Kimby plays softball and has a thing for leopard-print anything. They are currently planning college visits and, like most seventeen-year-olds, still figuring out what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Kariann may want to be a vet (she has plenty of animals to practice on!). Kimby isn’t sure yet.”

It’s not clear what the extremely private Kimberly is doing these days — perhaps she’s in college, like her older sister will be soon? The elder Kloss sister, according to ET Online, has recently gotten accepted to NYU, and has started a YouTube channel where she talks about her former Victoria’s Secret modeling career, partying it up with her friends, her passion for baking, and whatever else is on her mind.

“I’ve spent the majority of my life in front of the camera, but not my camera. And this is where this is different. These are the things you didn’t get to see before.”

Kimberly Kloss and her big sister, Karlie, were at the Paper Towns premiere to support Karlie’s friend, star Cara Delevingne.

[Image courtesy of: Getty Images / Dimitrios Kambouris]