Cynthia Bailey Focusing On Building Business Empire After Marital Issues

Cynthia Bailey is returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta next season, even though some of her co-stars are convinced that her husband is cheating on her. Cynthia may be confident in her marriage, but some of her co-stars are convinced that she is in denial and that Peter Thomas is busy with other ladies around the city of Atlanta.

One can imagine that Cynthia Bailey wasn’t pleased when she learned that her husband had been caught with another woman in an Instagram video. At the time, Cynthia announced that she would be standing by her husband, as the video seemed innocent enough. But these days, Bailey is more focused on her business ventures.

According to a new Real Mr. Housewife report, Cynthia Bailey has been working on building her own business empire, and she is starting with one fashion accessory. It is no secret that Bailey loves her sunglasses, as she is often sporting different ones on the show. So, it only made sense to her to create her own business, Cynthia Bailey Eyewear.

“I launched my new eyewear line, Cynthia Bailey Eyewear. It’s available online right now. I am shopping to different stores — some major retail stores and some home shopping networks — but you can buy it online,” Cynthia Bailey revealed.

And while sunglasses may not make her millions of dollars, Cynthia Bailey explains that the eyewear is just one of many things she has going on. In fact, this could just be the beginning.

“This is actually the start of my accessories empire that I am putting together. I wanted to open with eyewear because I wear a lot of eyewear in real life and on the show,” Cynthia reveals, adding, “Although they’re sunglasses, I will be making some fashion glasses and also some readers, as well.”

Cynthia didn’t say much about her husband’s actions. According to the Inquisitr, Bailey wasn’t pleased when the video surfaced, and they have been working on their marriage. But Bailey does admit that marriage isn’t easy.

“We have our own business, we’re on a reality show together and we are husband and wife. That’s a lot of togetherness. Sometimes you’re like ‘Wow, this is a lot!’ ” Cynthia Bailey has said about working so much alongside her husband, adding, “[Peter]’s great. It’s been a great ride. The show has more than tested our relationship, but I think we’re good. And hey, God forbid we don’t make it, we know we tried! We can walk away with no guilt because we know we tried it in ever way.”

Do you think Cynthia Bailey can build her own business empire?

[Image via Bravo]