Beautiful Winner: Joe Dirt 2 Racks Up More Than 1 Million Views

Joe Dirt 2 hits 1 million views

Joe Dirt 2, which is subtitled Beautiful Loser, is proving to be anything but a loser for Crackle, the video streaming service that released the movie on July 15.

In Joe Dirt 2, David Spade reprises his role as the mullet-wearing title character who was last seen in the 2001 original. Entertainment Weekly reports that in just five days Joe Dirt 2 has already been viewed more than a million times. The EW article notes that Crackle and Spade are very pleased with the performance of the movie.

“Thanks to everyone that has watched so far,” Spade said in an announcement released by Crackle to promote the success of Joe Dirt 2. “We tried to make this easy for the fans by streaming it on Crackle, and it’s working. Keep on keeping on — dang x 10!”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Joe Dirt 2 had 278,000 streams in its first 24 hours. Viewers were able to see Joe Dirt 2 free of charge on Crackle, but using a national average of $8.12 per ticket, the first days viewings would give the movie a virtual opening box office of $2.25 million. The first film was considered a box-office flop in 2001 and had an opening day of $1.75 million when adjusted for inflation.

Joe Dirt 2 is currently the top title on Crackle, which shows original content along with licensed movies and television programs. As with broadcast television, Crackle is free to users and shows commercials to generate revenue. Joe Dirt 2 was sponsored by the fast-food chain, Arby’s.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that while the movie is Crackle’s most successful original film to date, it is not the first. Joe Dirt 2 follows the action flick Extraction, the thriller The Throwaways and a video game adaptation titled Dead Rising: Watchtower.

The story line of Joe Dirt 2 picks up where the first film left off, but then sends Joe on a time traveling adventure. The film co-stars Brittany Daniel, Dennis Miller, Christopher Walken, and Adam Beach. Variety reports that there is also an app to let fans feel a part of the film by “mulletizing” themselves.

The Joe Dirt 2 tie-in is called “Hick Yourself” and allows users to edit their photos to include mullets, mustaches and “redneck” props like guitars and chainsaws. Once the photo is finished, users can share the images on their social media accounts.

Joe Dirt 2 is now available for free viewing at Crackle.

[Photo via Crackle]