Taylor Swift Reunites With Nick Jonas During ‘1989’ Tour

Taylor Swift had the opportunity to reunite with old friend Nick Jonas as part of her 1989 tour a few weeks ago, and the fans loved it. To be sure, Swift has had a busy tour, given she has shared the stage with the US Women’s National Soccer Team after their FIFA World Cup win, and her friends from the “Bad Blood” music video, but it was her musical reunion with Nick Jonas that had many fans “Jealous.”

Jonas, who recently split with longtime love Olivia Culpo, has been rocking a buff body as well as the charts since splitting from the Jonas Brothers. “Jealous” hit No. 7 on the Billboard charts earlier this year, while “Chains,” his newest hit, continues to hit the charts, nestling comfortably at No. 13 after 10 weeks on the charts.

It was not the first time Jonas had involved himself with Taylor Swift’s music. In an earlier interview, Jonas was challenged to do his own cover of a variety of hits, including Sisqo’s “Thong Song” and Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood.”

Taylor Swift reunited with Jonas in his home town of East Rutherford, New Jersey, for her concert a few weeks ago. The two covered his song, “Jealous,” with Swift practically towering over her friend while she wore thigh high boots.

It was clear that Taylor Swift and Nick Jonas were happy to reunite, since it had been some time since the two graced a stage together. In fact, Taylor Swift’s history with Nick Jonas dates back to over six years ago, when she would occasionally share the stage with the Jonas Brothers in the days when the boy band was rocking the charts.

Currently, Taylor Swift is the target of Twitter rants from Nicki Minaj, though Taylor Swift is trying to rise above. Minaj tweeted that if a musician’s videos featured slim white women, they would be nominated for Video of the Year, a message that Taylor Swift responded to with a reminder that she had always supported Minaj. In noting the sudden backlash from the media, Minaj immediately took to Twitter again.

Regardless of the Twitter war — and people are taking definitive sides on it, both for Taylor Swift and for Nicki Minaj — Taylor Swift is thrilled at the nominations. She also took to Twitter to wish Selena Gomez a happy birthday and immediately retweeted Billboard’s tweet that her friend’s album now has a title and release date. It would appear that Taylor Swift is choosing to try and put the apparent Twitter feud with Minaj behind her and work towards supporting friends like Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez in their projects while she continues on her 1989 tour.

[Photo Courtesy of People]