Couple Adopts Friend's Four Daughters, Fulfilling Her Dying Wish

A New York couple adopted their dying friend's four daughters, doubling the size of their family. Although they admit having six children is a challenge, Laura and Rico Ruffino are confident they made the right decision.

Elizabeth Diamond and Laura Ruffino met in fifth grade, and developed a close friendship -- which spanned several decades.

In August, 2014, Elizabeth was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer. As she was the single mother of four girls, she was concerned for her daughters' future.

As reported by WKBW, Elizabeth approached the couple about adopting her four daughters -- in the event of her death. Laura said she did not hesitate. She promised her best friend she and her husband would raise Ella, Lily, Samona, and Tara as their own.

Elizabeth Diamond, 40, lost her battle with cancer and passed away in April, 2015. On her YouCaring page, Laura Ruffino pays homage to her late friend.

"Elizabeth was an author, motivational speaker, artist, and single mom... [she] devoted her life to helping others before she passed and was a proud board member of the Buffalo Wellness Center... She helped others learn how to love their healthiest and happiest and was truly a selfless person."
As promised, the Laura and Rico Ruffino adopted their friend's four daughters and invited them into their home. Although they made several adjustments, including a larger dining room table and refrigerator, the couple said they are confident they made the right decision.

The new family has received numerous donations, including cash and supplies. However, the Ruffinos said they are not receiving any assistance from the state.

The couple said they were happy to adopt their friend's four daughters. Unfortunately, they are experiencing a bit of financial strain. To ease the burden, they are seeking donations to expand their home and purchase a vehicle to accommodate their family of eight.

"The marriage of both families is a true testament to humanity. The family has trouble asking for help because they have always been so self-sufficient, but it takes a village to raise a child."
The Ruffinos have received a total of $11,300 in donations through their fundraising site. However, their goal is $20,000.Despite facing several challenges, Laura and Rico Ruffino said they are doing their very best to provide a good home for all six children. The couple did not hesitate to adopt their friend's four daughters, and they have been a welcome addition to their home.

[Image via YouCaring]