Aron Aranbayev Killed: Jeweler To The Stars Mowed Down By Hit-And-Run Driver, Police Searching For Suspect

Aron Aranbayev was killed this week, with police saying the famed jeweler to the stars was mowed down by a car after what they believe was a parking dispute.

The 40-year-old Aranbayev was struck late Sunday night just a few feet from his home. Witnesses said Aron got into an argument with the driver of a passing car, and at some point, the other man threw his dark-colored Dodge Magnum in reverse and ran over Aranbayev.

He was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, and died the next day. Policed ruled that Aranbayev’s death was a homicide.

As DNA Info New York noted, Aron Aranbayev was actually returning home from another family member’s funeral when the dispute took place.

“According to Boris Aranbayev, the victim’s uncle, on Sunday the jeweler attended the funeral of another family member. His friend was dropping him off in front of his house when another man drove by at high speed, according to the uncle.”

“He said, ‘Here is not highway,’” said Boris Aranbayev, referring to the victim. “The guy go back and hit him, that’s it.”

Police said they could not confirm what the dispute was over.

Aron Aranbayev, who was known to clients as “Eric,” was the co-owner of the popular Rafaello & Co. jewellery store. He worked with a number of celebrity clients, including Jay-Z and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Aranbayev’s Instagram had pictures of him posing with many of those clients, including Khloé Kardashian.

But Aranbayev had another, more quiet life at home. Neighbors remembered him as a kind man who cared deeply about his family.

“We’re keeping the family in prayer and just looking forward to a better day,” said Daryl Dunn, who works next to Aranbayev’s store on 47th Street in Manhattan.

Aron Aranbayev is also being remembered by those close to him. Gabriel Jacobs, his cousin and business partner, posted an emotional farewell on the company’s Instagram page.

“I love u bro my angel my heart tell grandma and grandpa we all say hello your in great hands now. I will make you proud I promise,” he wrote.

Aranbayev’s funeral drew almost the entire contingent of high-priced jewelers on 47th street, known as New York’s Diamond District.

“The whole 47th Street is here, yes,” a man told CBS News.

Police have not yet said if they know who killed Aron Aranbayev, and the investigation is reportedly ongoing.

[Image via Instagram]