Chris Brown Cancels Jakarta Concert Via Twitter As #FreeBreezy Instagram Shows Brown Trapped In The Philippines

Chris Brown is having quite the week. Brown’s house was robbed, as reported by the Inquisitr, by friends who knew he had $50,000 in cash in his home’s safe. Now, Brown has cancelled his planned concert on July 25 in Jakarta due to safety concerns, Chris wrote on Twitter.

According to the Associated Press, Chris has been delayed from leaving Manila on Wednesday due to a New Year’s Eve concert in 2014 that didn’t take place. Brown’s private plane wasn’t allowed to leave until the Bureau of Immigration cleared the singer to leave the region.

Brown will be allowed to leave the Philippines if the bureau decides that they won’t prosecute Chris in the criminal case — which has less of a “barred to leave” order than other orders. Chris blamed the previous year’s concert cancellation — which would’ve been held at the 55,000-seat Philippine Arena — on claims of a lost passport at the last minute.

Meanwhile, the official Brown Instagram account shows photos of Chris from the concert stage in Manila, along with another photo posted hours ago. Brown’s Instagram followers are commenting that he looks depressed, and have already began chants of “Free Breezy” in the comments section and displaying messages of love about his recent visit.

“I seriously cried when Breezy left the stage with an ending mix of loyal. Please come baaaaaaack!”

A photo posted by @chrisbrownofficial on

“He is barred from getting out of PH as of the moment. because he was paid last Dec for a show but he was no show. so he has to settle things first here before taking off to another country. no matter what happens @chrisbrownofficial your PH fans will forever be grateful for the time you’ve spent with us. for# sharing your incredible talent to all of us. mahal ka namin!! #teambreezy

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According to TMZ, Brown ran into travel troubles earlier in the year when Canada wouldn’t let him into the country because of his criminal history. Now that he can’t yet get out of the Philippines, the irony over Chris’ travel itinerary is ripe for the social media plucking. The Grammy-Award winning singer will likely keep fans updated to the progress of Brown getting out of the Philippines via social media, because Chris often likes to post photos of his home, shoe collections, and his daughter.

[Image via Instagram]