Sandra Bland Video Gets 1 Million Views: Critics Say Bland YouTube Video Seems Edited, With Cuts And Missing Cars [Video]

Now that the video of Sandra Bland’s arrest has been released and has gone viral on YouTube, more questions have arisen — along with outrage, as reported by the Inquisitr. Although the video of Bland being stopped by Texas state Trooper Brian Encinia purports to be the full, 52-minute long video of their interaction, those who’ve watched the video have called foul, with breaks in the video footage whilst the audio continued uninterrupted.

Warning: The below video of Bland’s arrest contains plenty of offensive language.

As reported by CNN, those who’ve watched the full arrest video of Sandra noted oddities in the video. At one moment, a car driving by on the left-hand side appears, then immediately disappears, indicating a break in the video. At another point in the video, the tow-truck driver appears out of nowhere.

The inconsistencies have caused folks on Twitter to call foul, and blame the Texas Department of Public Safety with what they charge is tantamount to a cover up. Especially interesting is the fact that, although the visuals break at certain points in the dashcam footage of Bland’s arrest, the audio continues along just fine. Whether this is simply a glitch in the dashcam recording mechanism or something more sinister — like an attempt to hide what actually happened — remains to be seen.

Although a social media firestorm erupted even before the full video was released, the Bland Family had asked the public to stop creating hashtags and petitions for Sandra until the truth came out, reported Black America Web.

Overall, reaction to Officer Encinia warning Bland that he will light her up with the Taser is causing consternation, along with the fact that he responds with the word “good” when Sandra tells Encinia she has epilepsy.

Therefore, although the allegedly full video of Bland’s arrest was supposed to answer more questions than it raised with its release, it hasn’t. With more than one million views of the dashcam video of Sandra’s arrest come plenty of questions over whether the footage was edited — and if that’s why it took so long for the dashcam video to be released to the public.

It was a highly anticipated video that is causing a big reaction to viewers on Wednesday, July 22. The full dashcam video of Bland’s arrest is now getting much more attention than Sandra’s original arrest video, recorded by a bystander.

[Image via Texas Department of Public Safety Bland arrest video]