Tori Spelling’s Monokini Pic Latest Product Endorsement? ‘My Dad Wouldn’t Have Wanted This’ [Video]

Tori Spelling’s recent monokini snap, in which she dons the same bathing suit from a pregnancy photo shoot in 2012, has left some fans wondering if recycling the monikiki is her latest attempt at garnering media attention.

Three years ago, Spelling rocked the same tiny bathing suit when she was pregnant with her youngest child, Finn. In that photo, Tori showed off her baby bump in the incredibly revealing black monikini. The crocheted accent on the monokini featured her growing belly, reports Us Weekly.

At the time she was carrying Finn in 2012, Spelling revealed in an interview with Us Weekly that the baby was unplanned. “All my friends keep asking me [if Finn was planned] and I’m like, ‘Seriously? Hattie was one month old. Do you think it was planned?’ ” Spelling dished at an NYC book launch. “I was up all night with feedings!”

A much slimmer Tori Spelling shows of the tiny monokini in the recent pics, which feature Spelling’s toned abs and muscular legs. The Daily Mail reports that “the mother-of-four put her ample cleavage on display as well as her side tattoo, which inks her husband Dean’s wedding vows to her as a sweet dedication to their marriage.”

Spelling has garnered some criticism for her product endorsements, leaving fans wondering if the recent monokini snap is the celeb’s latest attempt to get in front of the camera. In June, Tori uploaded a photo on Instagram in which she’s almost naked, and wearing a sexy black halter strap bra.

“Luv summer nights!” Tori captioned the snap. “Got the kids 2 bed & Loving my #Nightlift Finally a bra that is super comfortable & cute & fights the sag while U sleep!” Viewers saw through the product endorsement immediately, however, with one user commenting, “Seriously? Nice promo for a bra. How much $ you get for this?”

In an episode of True Tori, Spelling revealed her family lives “paycheque to paycheque,” reports the Daily Mail, and Tori doesn’t want her family to alter their luxurious lifestyle just because they’re cash strapped.

Tori’s father, Aaron Spelling, was the creator behind such shows as Beverly Hills 90210 and The Love Boat, and was worth $600 million when he died in 2006. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Tori only received$800,000 when her dad passed away.

“My dad wouldn’t have wanted this. He’d be so mad. He worked so friggin’ hard so his kids wouldn’t have to f***ing struggle. I don’t want to change our lifestyle. That’s why I work so hard. I don’t want to change,” Tori said on her show.

Tori Spelling hasn’t released any statements related to the recycled monokini snap.

[Image credit: Jerod Harris / Getty Images]