Lucky Blue Smith Fans: There Is More Than Looks To This Instagram Sensation

Lucky Blue Smith has fans adoring his every post on Instagram. The 17-year-old started his modeling career at the age of 12, and he now has 1.2 million followers on Instagram. That has earned him some attention lately, and Look even calls him the “Justin Bieber of the fashion industry.”

One can hope he does not follow the same path as Bieber in the future.

Lucky Blue Smith was signed to Next Models at the age of 12. In fact, his sisters have the same good looks, and they were all signed by the same agency. Alexis Borges saw the potential in Lucky when he was just 10-years-old. The director of Next Models compared the young boy to “a baby Brad Pitt.” After Lucky Blue was signed by the agency, he had photos taken for Levi’s and Gap. In 2014, he was signed by Calvin Klein, and he is the “it-model” in the fashion industry right now.

He has a larger Instagram following than some of the other more well-known and established models, such as Sean O’Pry and David Gandy. Those models have fewer than 500,000 followers on Instagram.

Lucky Blue Smith can probably attribute his success on Instagram to his openness on the social media site. He posts to the service often, and he shares his current location. He wants to meet his fans, and they do often show up after he shows up his whereabouts on Instagram. His fans even have their own nickname. They are called “Lucky Charms.”

This teen model is no leprechaun through. At 6’3″, this teen towers over most. Born in Utah, he was raised Mormon, and he turned 17 in June. He has been busy this summer already. MontCler shared a video of the photo shoot for their fall campaign just last week, and the photo shoot features Lucky Blue and his sister Pyper America.

Le making-of vidéo de la campagne automne-hiver… by VOGUEPARIS

In the video shared by Style and Vogue Paris, he spoke a bit about the photo shoot, where he looks like a Nordic vampire out of the Twilight films. His hair is perfect for that look. He recently changed it to platinum blonde.

“Modeling with my sister is really fun. We always joke around, and there’s never a dull moment shooting with family members, for sure. I’m really excited about the other projects we have coming out soon, too!”

What other projects is he referring to in the video? The Smith kids have a band called The Atomics, and Lucky Blue is the drummer for the band. There is also talk of a reality series in the works for the teen and his family, and Lucky Blue wants to take on the acting world. He worked on an indie film earlier this year.

In January, Lucky Blue shared the following about the family band:

“We’re working on our first album as a band. It’s kinda crazy because right now I’m in Europe doing fashion week and my two sisters are in LA writing with our Dad and Pyper’s in New York for fashion week, but she’s recording her harmonies over there and sending them through, then I’m flying to New York for fashion week, too.”

Lucky Blue Smith’s rise to fame has earned him some attention in 2015. Business of Fashion followed the teen around for a period, and they saw the madness that surrounds him firsthand. He has fans that swarm him in public.

Lucky Blue Smith & Sisters For Trendi Magazine | Photo by Dani Brubaker via @VanityTeenMag

— Adolf D David (@DdFito) July 21, 2015

This rise to fame for the Smith family has come quick. Just earlier this year, the family shared a two-bedroom apartment in Hollywood, California. The teen’s mother, Sheridan Smith, runs things for her children.

“His fans love him. He has about 20 fan-pages. The funny thing is, most of these kids don’t even know about his music. That’s the next step — I don’t think any young boy ever sees modeling as the end game. Wait till they see him playing drums. It was a family decision to move to California from Utah,” says Sheridan. “It hasn’t been easy, but if one of us succeeds, we all succeed. We’re all working together to try and make this happen.”

Lucky Blue is aware of his popularity on social media. He spoke all about his growing fan base on Instagram, and he receives about 2,000 more followers daily. He also receives 150 direct messages sent to him each day, but he does not open any of them because he does not “want to disappoint them by not replying, but if I did reply to all of them I’d never have time for anything else.”

He might not take the time to reply to messages on social media, but he does make the time for the fans that come visit him in person, and it appears that he has his priorities straight too.

“I don’t want to be one of those kids who gets famous and then changes and becomes cocky. That’s why it’s so important to me to try and take a photo with every girl who comes to see me. I don’t really get why they seem to like me so much, but if I can make them feel happy by sticking around and that makes their day better, then what’s an extra 30 minutes to me? What else am I going to be doing?”

The teen admits he did not even know some of the designers he has worked for before he walked in their shows. He knew some of the big names, like Gucci, but that was it. He has revealed that he plans to abstain from sex until marriage because of his Mormon beliefs. According to a previous Inquisitr report, his mother said that he “is an honest kid. He’s squeaky clean, he doesn’t go to clubs. It’s all about work for him at the moment.”

Lucky Blue wants to do it all, but he wants the music to be the focus in the future. What do you think of Lucky Blue Smith? Are you a fan?

[Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]