Joe Biden Injured: Vice President Sports Facial Bruise – Playtime With Dog Got A Little Rough?

A visibly injured Vice President Joe Biden stood alongside President Barrack Obama. Though the injury was quite nominal, it was nonetheless noticeable.

President Obama and Vice President Biden made an appearance in the East Room of the White House at an event celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Though Biden didn’t say anything, he was seeing sporting a wide smile and a minor contusion just below his lower lip. The Vice President confirmed the minor contusion, that seemed it was healing quite well, was the result of the playtime with the Biden family’s boisterous house pet: a German shepherd named Champ, reported Seattle Times.

72-year-old Biden is a dog person and seems to spend a healthy amount of time with the family dog. Champ has been the loyal companion of the Biden family for quite some time, and playtime with him can clearly get a little rough. The purebred German shepherd is in peak health as per a 2010 Politico report, which states he is an “early riser.” Joe Biden is believed to have woken up early on quite a few mornings, notably, “before the sun even comes up” and taken Champ for a walk. While it is mandatory to pick up after your dog, it might safe to assume Joe Biden has someone to handle the same.

The report also adds:

“Also, at the end of the day, he has usually exhausted himself, and can be found curled up on the couch helping Dr. Biden grade her papers or at the front door casually greeting and sniffing anyone who enters.”

It is not known exactly how Joe Biden injured himself playing with the purebred German shepherd, but as the dogs can be quite playful and are powerful as well, a simple swipe of the paw might be enough to draw a gash on the face. These magnificent animals have exceptional jaw strength and, during their training to work with the military or law enforcement, they are taught to clamp down hard instead of attacking with the paws.

It is not clear if Champ has seen active military duty, but the armed forces have multiple divisions dedicated to dogs. Had Champ been to one of these boot camps for canines, he would have known better than to hurt his owner, who just happens to be the Vice President of the United States.

Joe Biden’s injury might have been minor, but the wound is quite noticeable and the scar might be visible at least for a few more days to come.

[Image Credit | Saul Loeb, Win McNamee / Getty Images, Pablo Martinez Monsivais / Associated Press]