WWE News: Gay Character Coming To WWE Soon?

WWE is known to be on top of every trend possible. They love to jump on anything popular so that they can relate to the audience. Despite WWE being PG, they do go after some trends that are geared toward a teenage and older audience. One thing that WWE has yet to capitalize on is the LGBT movement. All of television has seemingly jumped on this bandwagon. Just about every network seemingly has at least one character on one show that is part of the LGBT community.

WWE clearly has the opportunity to do this. Rumor has it that years ago there was an idea to turn Daniel Bryan gay, but WWE went with other plans. Bryan is probably thanking every higher power he has, seeing as he is straight and now married to the beautiful Brie Bella. So when will WWE bring out a gay star?

Stephanie McMahon was asked this very question at the ESPY awards last week. She said regarding the idea of adding a gay character….

“It could very well pop up in WWE because we are all about what’s relevant, and what’s pop culture, and what people want to see. So if there is an opportunity, we might just take it.”

WWE Superstar Darren Young came out as gay in 2013 to TMZ. It was a shocker that few saw coming. WWE stars expressed support for him. Former WWE Superstar CM Punk was one of Young’s more vocal supporters, telling him that if anyone ever gave him an issue about it, he would take care of it. Young has been part of some LGBT functions and has even taken part in WWE’s Anti-Bullying campaign. He is one of the better aides for WWE in outside projects.

What is disappointing for many fans is that, although Darren Young is gay in real life, his character on screen is not. At least his sexuality has never been brought up since he came out, and really never came up beforehand on normal programming. WWE did allow it to be brought up on Renee Young’s show on the WWE Network, but this is really the one and only mention of his sexuality on any show WWE has.

WWE clearly could jump on the bandwagon and add a gay character. However, there is an issue with this. Could WWE put out an openly gay character for a PG audience? Saying that a current WWE Superstar is gay is perfectly acceptable, but you can’t really do much with a gay character. He or she wouldn’t be a star for WWE as the company would have to use them in a negative light.

The average WWE fan is male and straight. They certainly do not want to see men make out on television. They would like to see women do so, but WWE has stopped even coming close to allowing this. The PG Era has ruined the possibility of an actual gay character being used. Darren Young simply acknowledging his lifestyle on television is really the only thing WWE can do without an issue. Past this, it is a pipe dream to hope WWE would do a gay character that would be worthy enough for the time it would be given.

[IMG Credit: FOX Sports]