Teenager Who Had Intercourse With Her 12th-Grade Teacher Can’t Be Forced To Testify Against Him: Find Out Why

Amy Cox, 18, married her former 12th grade mathematics teacher, Matt Wester, 37, of Oneonta, Alabama. Wester is to stand trial later this year for having an alleged inappropriate relationship with Cox. He was also the head track coach and assistant varsity football coach and was suspended from school after an investigation began. The indictment against him read as follows according to the Daily Mail: “He intentionally and knowingly engaged with a male or female student under the age of 19 in sexual contact which was done for the purpose of gratifying the sexual desire of either sexual party, to wit – kissing and spending the night with the victim.” A grand jury indicated him in January on the charge of having sexual contact with a student. If convicted, the maximum jail time is one year.

Cox came into contact with Wester because she was good friends of his niece, who was also a student at the school. Two weeks before the indictment, Wester filed for divorce from hiw wife of 17 years. After the divorce was final, he had a quickie wedding with Cox. His former marital home is up for sale, and he lives in an apartment with his new teenage bride. Cox has been seen wearing a large engagement ring with her wedding ring as she works at a fast-food establishment.

Cox was 18 when she married Wester, so her parents couldn’t legally stop her from marrying him. Her father is said to be very upset over the marriage, and her mother, more supportive.

Wester’s prior neighbors feel sorry for his former wife Kelli who was blind-sided by the divorce and who is trying to get her life back in order. The couple has a 10-year-old child, for whom he was ordered to pay child support. And some are skeptical regarding why Wester and Cox really married, believing it was not because they were head-over-heels in love. A police source stated the following according to Capital Bay.

“I doubt very much that they married for love, but I do know they married to prevent a criminal conviction.”

Under Alabama law, a wife cannot be compelled to testify against her husband. Therefore, Cox cannot be compelled to testify against Wester. As she is the main witness against him, many believe that she wouldn’t want to see him jailed and won’t testify against him. And some say that he’ll walk and won’t be jailed. But the District Attorney, Pamela Casey, insisted that the case against Wester would continue, and said that “[t]he trial is still pending and I have no intention of dismissing the charges.”

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A number of teachers have been in the news lately regarding criminal charges that they allegedly had inappropriate sexual contact with a student. Brianne Altice, a former high school teacher, had sex with three under-aged male students at Davis High School in Utah where she taught. Now, after pleading guilty to sexually abusing the students, she faces up to 30 years in jail, according to an article in the Inquisitr.

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