‘Time’ Magazine Lampoons Donald Trump With Online Insult Generator

Blunt quips and harangues seem to be second nature to billionaire and presidential candidate Donald Trump. The curiously coiffed tycoon has candidly displayed his flair for sharp-tongued critiques during the course of his bid for the 2016 GOP nomination, lashing out at celebrities, political foes, and miscellaneous detractors both online and during public speeches. For those who admire Trump’s style — or for those who simply want to enjoy a laugh by channeling the mogul’s salty rhetoric — Time Magazine recently launched an online “insult generator” that allows everyone to get in on the businessman’s racket.

Time’s bit of Internet fun prompts users to enter any name into a field and then inserts that name into actual insults drawn from Donald Trump’s actual Twitter account. Similar generators feature collected putdowns by Karl Marx and William Shakespeare. E! Online writer Seija Rankin tested the Trump insult generator and posted a string of hilarious results online.

“Seija is a totally overrated clown who speaks without knowing the facts.”

“Seija is desperate. No imagination!”

“Seija’s got a lot of problems”

“All Seija does is talk.”

“Seija is a dummy. Just look at Seija’s past.”

“Seija is truly as dumb as a rock.”

“Seija works really hard but just doesn’t have it…a total loser!”

True to form, Donald Trump himself was dishing out scorn today to individuals and organizations alike. As reported by the Inquisitr, Trump shared the personal cell phone number of South Carolina Lindsay Graham during a public speaking event earlier today. Graham is also seeking the Republican nomination in 2016 and previously lambasted Trump as a “jacka**” during an appearance on a CBS morning show.

Trump also used Twitter to lash out at a New York paper who allegedly threatened to publish one of his phone numbers.

Additionally, Trump blasted the Des Moines Register via multiple social media platfiorms after the newspaper published a scathing editorial calling on the billionaire to “pull the plug on his bloviating side show.”

Raucous wrestling personality Eric Bischoff once proclaimed that “controversy creates cash,” but Trump seems adept at turning the white-hot hoopla into potential votes for the 2016. In fact, the latest polls show Trump surging to a double-digit lead over big-name contenders like Jeb Bush and Scott Walker. With over a year left to go until the big election, it’s a safe bet that Donald Trump has a stockpile of zingers for anyone who gets in his line of fire.

[Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images]