Michael Jackson Update: Lawyers Urge Dismissal Of Wade Robson’s Latest Lawsuit

Lawyers representing the Michael Jackson estate appeared in court this Monday to urge a Los Angeles judge to dismiss Wade Robson’s recent lawsuit against the King of Pop’s companies. Robson, who recently had his creditor’s claim against Jackson thrown out, is now fighting to win against Jackson’s companies.

My News LA reports that Robson, 32, filed an amended civil lawsuit against Jackson’s companies, MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures. Robson claims that both companies are responsible for years of alleged sexual abuse that occurred while Jackson was still alive.

Yet, Jonathan Steinsapir, an attorney representing Jackson’s estate, says that the civil lawsuit, similar to Robson’s creditor’s claim against Jackson that was thrown out due to statute of limitations, should also be dismissed due to the time it took to file the complaint.

Steinsapir also states that even if the alleged molestation did take place, Jackson’s companies are not liable for anything that transpired.

“The complaint says nothing about what the corporations could have done. Here, the exposure to Michael Jackson has nothing to do with the corporations.”

Steinsapir argued that the reported abuse allegedly happened while Robson was at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, not at the corporations.

Robson’s lawyer, Maryann Marzano, disagrees with Steinsapir. She stated that MJJ Productions’ former employee, Norma Staikos, had an “an extraordinary amount of control.” Marzano also stated the Jackson’s companies made arrangements to transport Robson, along with numerous other children, to Jackson’s Neverland Ranch.

“There could have been many steps taken to keep Michael Jackson away from young children and be alone with them and molest them.”

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff hasn’t thrown out the civil lawsuit, although he dismissed Robson’s creditor’s claim case in May. The judge is still deciding whether to grant the companies’ attorneys’ requests to evaluate Robson’s psychiatric reports.

The defense attorneys indicated that the information gathered by the psychiatrist who evaluated Robson was not included the court documents.

In a sworn deposition, Robson stated that he endured years of sexual abuse from Jackson that lasted from 1990-97. However, it wasn’t until 2013, four years after Jackson’s death, before Robson came forward. Prior to 2013, Robson was one of Jackson’s biggest defenders, even taking the witness stand in 2005, where he swore under oath that Jackson never touched him.

“I began to recognize for myself that Jackson had molested me. It was on that date in my therapy session … that I first spoke about the sexual activity I had with Jackson. This revelation initiated an enormous emotional, psychological and physiological upheaval in my life that continues until this day.”

Judge Beckloff is expected to make his decision shortly regarding the civil case. So far, there is no indication as to how much Robson is seeking from Michael Jackson’s estate.

[Photos Courtesy of Connie Aramaki/Getty Images & Tim Whitby/Stringer]