Charlize Theron: ‘I’m So Happy To Be In My 40s’

Most of the talk in recent weeks surrounding Charlize Theron has focused on Charlize’s break-up with Sean Penn, and so many of the people in Ms. Theron’s life have understandably expressed concern.

Charlize appreciates their concern, but she’s fine. No, really.

“People are so concerned for me,” Ms. Theron said. “I’m so happy to be in my 40s and not be in my 20s and worried if I fit into my skinny jeans or whether I will be able to get into that club.”

Ms. Theron may not be alone in her feelings on the differences in age, and like many of her fans, Charlize embraces the changes in lifestyle. Those changes seem that much more welcome, when one considers that Charlize is now a single mother for her 3-year-old son Jackson.

“It’s so nice to just be in love with your couch and make cheesy sandwiches and just enjoy life,” she said. “It’s been great.”

Charlize added that people put far too much emphasis on youth and that, as Ms. Theron has aged, she’s found a genuine appreciation for the maturity she has found with the passage of years.

“40’s rock,” Theron said. “People are so concerned for me. It’s okay. It’s such a weird thing that we put so much – I think especially for women.”

Talk of life after 40 was not a random tangent for Charlize, as she was participating in interviews to promote her latest film. Ms. Theron was asked how she might spend her August 7 birthday, which will mark her 40th birthday.

“I don’t know. I literally wrapped a movie two days ago.”

Ms. Theron explained that she’s never made it a habit to make a big deal about her birthday, but she might mention it on her next big night out and away from home.

“I’ve never been a big birthday person. I’ll celebrate a month later if I’m in the right place and the right restaurant, ‘You guys! It’s my birthday!’”

Charlize Theron was out promoting Dark Places, which hit DirecTV on July 18 and will premiere on August 7 in theaters. The film, based on the novel by Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn, features Theron as Libby Day, a woman trying to learn what really happened when her mother and two sisters were murdered 25 years earlier.

Charlize Theron is also set to begin filming on The Huntsman in which she will reprise her role as Ravenna and star opposite Chris Hemsworth, who will star in the title role.

[Featured image: Charlize Theron courtesy of Jason Kempin/Getty Images]