Kim Kardashian Gets Dragged Into Nicki Minaj’s Drama With Taylor Swift On Twitter — Deletes Tweet

There’s trouble brewing on Twitter, and somehow Kim Kardashian got involved in the ongoing drama between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, without even knowing it. Seems like things began innocently enough with MTV congratulating Nicki on her Video Music Awards nomination for Best Hip-Hop Video.

Congrats, @NickiMinaj on your Best Hip-Hop Video nomination! Let’s work out to it!

Minaj thanked MTV for her nominations, but inquired tongue-in-cheekly about her “Feeling Myself” video, the self-same video that featured Beyonce’s Derrick Rose #1 Bulls swimming suit, which caused plenty inquiries, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Then, Minaj implied that if she were a different type of musical artist, her “Anaconda” video would’ve been nominated for best choreography and video of the year. Nicki received two nominations for the 2015 VMAs for “Anaconda,” while Taylor Swift received 9 nominations for her songs, reports Us.

Minaj tweeted about the impact of “Anaconda” all over the place — from Halloween costumes to cover art.

Nicki wouldn’t name Taylor directly at first, tweeting that “other” girls can release a video that breaks records — and get the MTV VMA nomination.

Next, Nicki spoke about videos that celebrate skinny women getting nominations for Video of the Year.

Taylor professed her love for Minaj, saying she’s done nothing but love and support Nicki — and added that maybe one of the guys took her video nomination slot.

Nicki came back at Taylor on Twitter, saying Swift wasn’t reading her tweets, and that she loved Taylor just as much.

Finally, Swift tried to make peace with Minaj and invited her onto any stage that Taylor ever took. It was a moment that harkened back to the time that Kanye West mounted the stage and proclaimed Beyonce’s video was one of the best of all time.

Meanwhile, Nicki tweeted about shooting another video the same day the Twitter exchange with Swift happened. Minaj also blamed Ryan Seacrest for saying Nicki took jabs at Swift. The tweet that Minaj pointed to within her Twitter status linking to an “On Air With Ryan” tweet proves that the Twitter status has been deleted from Seacrest’s account.

Nicki took issue with Ryan saying Taylor loves and supports Nicki, but not Minaj saying she loves and supports Swift.

Finally, Kim Kardashian got dragged into the bruhaha, because she posted a tweet that said, “Imma let you finish, but…” as if she were weighing in on the drama. It was Kim’s husband Kanye who uttered those words to Taylor years ago after bum-rushing her stage.

Meanwhile, Minaj kept tweeting about racial implications in the music industry and VMAs.

Lastly, Kardashian-West proclaimed she wasn’t trying to throw shade at anyone, but that she was in Paris in the middle of the night — uploading her Vogue Spain photos. Kim said she didn’t have a clue about the Taylor-Nicki drama.

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