Martin O’Malley: Climate Change Led To The Creation Of ISIS [Video]

Presidential candidate Martin O’Malley claims there is a link between climate change and the rise of ISIS, the Islamic State.

A Democrat, O’Malley formerly served as governor of Maryland from 2007 to 2015 and mayor of Baltimore from 1999 to 2007. His handpicked successor, Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, considered a lock for the job, lost in an upset to GOP challenger Larry Hogan in the 2014 general election, however.

On Saturday, during an appearance at the Netroots Nation conference, a gathering of liberals/progressives, Gov. O’Malley was interrupted by a throng of civil rights protestors, who became enraged at O’Malley when he expressed the view that “Black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter.” This generalized statement about violence also drew sharp criticism on social media.

O’Malley later apologized for his insensitivity.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent socialist from Vermont who is running for president as a Democrat, was also reportedly shouted down during the Netroots event.

In an interview with Bloomberg News yesterday, O’Malley addressed the alleged connection between global warming and terrorism.

“One of the things that preceded the failure of the nation state of Syria and the rise of ISIS was the effect of climate change and the mega-drought that affected that nation, wiped out farmers, drove people to cities, created a humanitarian crisis that created the symptoms, or rather, the conditions of extreme poverty that has now led to the rise of ISIS and this extreme violence.”

O’Malley’s theory that the rise of the ISIS terrorist army is partially a function of climate change has been raised by others.

In a Huffington Post essay last September, for example, a college professor whose speciality is history rather than science, and a co-author who is an attorney and terrorism analyst, claimed that a four-year drought in Syria ignored by that country’s government helped create the conditions leading to the formation of the Islamic State.

The governor is also apparently on the same page with the incumbent president that he wishes to succeed in office. “O’Malley’s comments echo those of the Obama administration and environmentalists who are trying to paint global warming as not just an environmental issue, but also a national security problem,” The Daily Caller explained. “In May, Obama told graduates of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy to prepare for the fight against global warming.”

Separately, in the aftermath of the Baltimore civil unrest this past spring following Freddie Gray’s death while in police custody, The Wire creator and showrunner David Simon, a former Baltimore Sun crime reporter, blamed Martin O’Malley for destroying the credibility of the city’s police department while he was mayor. A foe of the war on drugs, Simon also insisted that the politically ambitious then-mayor and his appointees threw due process out the window with mass arrests and also cooked the books about the city’s actual crime rate. The fictional politician Tommy Carcetti on the HBO series was inspired in part by O’Malley, who was no fan of the show.

Do you agree with Martin O’Malley that climate change created ISIS?

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