Sean Malone, ‘Gone Baby Gone’ Star, In Critical Condition After Near-Drowning Accident

Boston actor Sean Malone is in critical condition, fighting for his life after he nearly drowned on July 20. Malone, 54, survived the near-drowning thanks to the quick thinking of nearby firefighters, who rescued Sean from Boston’s South Beach waters and immediately rushed him to the hospital. However, the star of Gone Baby Gone and John Travolta’s ill-fated The Forger star may not pull through.

“This is scary,” writes Michelle Phi, for Hollywood Life.

Malone, who is the brother of Boston’s Deputy Fire Chief Scott Malone, decided to go for a swim and got into trouble when he ventured too far out. Coincidentally, firefighter Chris Flaherty was working out with several other firefighters at the L Street Bathhouse, and noticed that Malone was far from shore. Becoming “concerned at how far he was going” Flaherty decided to check on Sean (not knowing at the time who he was) and took a paddle board out to the area. By the time he arrived, Malone had gone underwater and Flaherty couldn’t find him.

Incredibly, a powerboat “came out of nowhere,” and the three teens on board responded when Flaherty flagged them down. Seventeen-year-old Joey Binda, 18-year-old John Feeney, and 17-year-old Elliott Chauvet teamed up to help as Flaherty searched the waters for Malone. When they spotted the actor, Flaherty swam to bring him to the boat while the teens turned off the motor to avoid additional wake. The three teens helped lift the unconscious Malone into the boat as Flaherty talked them through.

The other firefighters were ready on shore to administer CPR and chest compressions to Malone until an ambulance arrived to transport Malone to the Boston Medical Center.

Sean’s family expressed relief and gratitude for the rescue, but emphasized that “the incident is far from over.” Steve MacDonald is a spokesperson for the Boston Fire Department. He told the Boston Globe, “Sean’s family just wanted to pass on that they’re grateful for the work everyone has done so far to give Sean a chance, and they’re praying for the best.”

For the teens involved in Malone’s near drowning accident, the day was an experience that brought them all closer.

“I’m really glad that nobody panicked. I’m just glad we got to rescue him. It brought me and my friends a lot closer.” said Binda. “It’s kind of awesome that we saved a guy’s life.”

[Image via Getty Images/Hollywood Life ]