Do Ashley Madison Cheating Service Clients Include Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuelos? Not So Fast!

Cheaters everywhere are holding their breath after the popular service Ashley Madison’s databases were breached in a hacking. The hackers threatened to expose cheaters who used the service to have extramarital affairs. That said, we didn’t think celebrities would be on this list.

According to E! things got a tad weird on a segment on Live With Kelly and Michael when the popular service was brought up. Ripa, clearly flustered (or confused?) from the moment this cheating service was brought up, danced around her co-host Michael Strahan’s innocent questions.

“So, question: What if your wife finds out that you’re on Ashley Madison? But then you find out she’s on it too?”

Ripa replied, “Are you asking me, or are you asking…who are you asking? If I found out Mark was on Ashley Madison?” said Kelly. Strahan interjected briefly, “But then he found out you were on Ashley Madison.”

Kelly then started to ramble about the hypothetical situation of finding out Mark had been using the Ashley Madison service.

“Hypothetically, I mean that would be incredible. That would be an amazing…that would be the most amazing dinner conversation ever. It’s that piña colada song, only… it’s the piña colada song. I’m sorry it is!”

She continued, “It’s ‘The Piña Colada Song.’ That’s what the entire ‘Piña Colada Song’ is about. He places the ad in the paper ‘If you like piña coladas’ and then he’s responding and then the woman goes ‘Yes, I like piña colada.’”

Then the two discussed the song and pina coladas in general. Kelly decided to then slip in this awkward doozy.

“I hope we both are on Ashley Madison. I hope so,. I hope we get partnered up, that would be amazing. That would be incredible. I’m joining today. I’m joining today. Babe, if you’re watching this, and I know you’re not, but if you are…if somebody is near Mark at the gym, join Ashley Madison. I’m going to do it today. We’re going to join today and we’re going to be partnered up with each other. It’s going to be hot.”

Anyone else think Kelly Ripa might be overselling Ashley Madison or maybe even pina coladas?

Ripa must have still had pina coladas on the brain because she posted a picture of one on Instagram hours after the show.

So, in closing, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are probably not on Ashley Madison, but that definitely was a weird exchange, right?

[Photo by Robin Marchant / Getty Images]