Man Secretly Filmed Teen Neighbor Through Bedroom Window As She Undressed And Had Intercourse With Boyfriend

Andrew Denyer secretly video taped teen neighbor

While police arrested 41-year-old Andrew Denyer at his home on “suspicion of downloading indecent images of children,” they also discovered video clips of his 18-year-old neighbor who he had been secretly videotaping as she undressed and had sex with her boyfriend.

According to the Daily Mirror, Denyer – who lived alone in his home in Farnham, Surrey – told investigators that he had no knowledge of how the indecent images of the children and video clips of his 18-year-old neighbor had gotten into his home.

He went on to suggest that one of his guests may have downloaded the images and recorded the videos clips while in his home. However, three hours prior to police arriving at his home, it was clear that he had downloaded the images himself as there was no one else in his home.

However, images of the children and video clips of his neighbor were saved on multiple devices hidden around his home, according to police officials. Denyer had also destroyed countless indecent child images, but investigators were able to extract 570 photos from his laptop.

While in court, prosecutor Robert Brown said: “Following his arrest, Mr Denyer was asked whether there would be anything on his computers or stored on other media that should not be there.”

“He said there would not be anything. He said he accessed normal adult porn but there should be nothing indecent on his hardware that he was aware of.”

“It is the Crown’s case that he did download these images and that the voyeuristic footage was a private act which he recorded for his own personal sexual gratification.”

“I have been visited by police who have shown me four video clips which show me and my ex-boyfriend together in my bedroom,” Denyer’s teen neighbor – who requested to be unnamed – read a statement in court.

“The movie clips show me naked and having sex with my then boyfriend. I did not consent to these film clips being made and at the time I would have only been aged 18 years.”

“I cannot believe that anyone would invade another person’s privacy in this way,” she continued. “I originally put up some net curtains but removed them after a couple of months because I liked the sunlight coming in through the window.”

“If I had known someone was watching me I would have called the police, but I did not think anyone could see in.”

“I did not know I could be seen doing anything and I certainly did not consent to being filmed.”

Detective Steve Branch said in court that there were “videos showing the girl engaging in sexual activity with her partner.”

“There were no dates for the filming but they were copied to the memory stick on March 15 2014.”

“These clips were saved under an Adobe editing program format, suggesting they were in the process of being edited.”

“A total of four of these clips were also located on a CD disc.”

Andrew Denyer was charged with “two counts of possession of category A indecent images of children, two counts of possession of category B indecent images of children, two counts of possession of category C indecent images of children, and one count of voyeurism.” However, he denied all charges.

The investigation is ongoing.

[Image courtesy of Vladimir Rys / Getty Images]