The Impact Team Publishes First 2 Names From Ashley Madison Leak List Online – One Married Man, Another Paid $19 For Delete Services

The Impact Team’s hacking of Ashley Madison continues to dominate the news on July 21. As reported by the Inquisitr, Ashley Madison released a statement claiming that the Impact Team hack information published online had been removed via DMCA takedown requests. However, that information still resides in several locations online. Although readers won’t find the names of the two men that the Impact Team published online in this article — after all, it hasn’t been independently verified if the two men were actual Ashley Madison users or simply names lifted from databases by the Impact Team from other sources — the hacked names can be found by intrepid Google users.

The Impact Team claimed that the first “married/attached” man in the leaked list liked things such as cuddling, liking to go slowly, kissing and hugging, and the like. They are all options that Ashley Madison offers users in their profile, reported Michigan Live. The most ironic thing found was that the man valued discretion above all things — and now he’s the same man whose name, marital status, home address, email address and Ashley Madison user ID, and other identifying information is now online. A man with his name and location in the United States exists with a LinkedIn profile, therefore it should be a matter of time before this man may give a statement to the media.

The other man listed on the Impact Team’s hacked information online was listed as a “paid delete,” wrote the Impact Team, which means that he paid $19 to remove his information from the Ashley Madison website. However, if what the Impact Team has published is true, that $19 only removed some of the text box options on the man’s Ashley Madison profile — but the Impact Team claims they were still able to obtain his information via his payment records. That information included sexual interests such as oral sex affinity, his address, and Ashley Madison profile ID number.

According to Computer World, cheating websites like Ashley Madison may not have been totally secure prior to the Impact Team hack and leaked list anyway, due to the way forgotten password requests were worded.

Meanwhile, Brian Krebs, the “Krebs on Security” guy who broke the Impact Team’s hacking of Ashley Madison and received (but didn’t publish) the links to the Ashley Madison partial list of user names that are online now, is tweeting about the emails he’s getting from scared Ashley Madison users.

“Been receiving some sad and pathetic emails this morning from readers who seem very concerned that their data is in AshleyMadison dump.”

On Reddit’s big Ashley Madison thread, users are asking if the Impact Team would still be able to place their names on the hacked list if they paid via PayPal. Other fallout from the Impact Team’s claimed hacking means Reddit users are asking all sorts of technical questions over whether the Impact Team was actually able to obtain credit card records of the Ashley Madison users — something Ashley Madison’s customer service is claiming didn’t happen — or whether more leaked info will emerge online from the hacking team having a big impact on the cheating website users.

[Image via the Impact Team]

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