Frustrated Marine Issues Epic ‘Teach Obama Respect’ Challenge After Flags Aren’t Flown At Half-Mast

Over the past week, President Obama has sparked a media firestorm over his presumed lack of respect for the soldier and four fallen Marines killed during the Chattanooga shooting on Friday, July 17.

In most cases, a presidential order is issued demanding that all flags be lowered to half-mast out of respect and honor for the fallen during times of mourning and distress. However, that didn’t happen this time, which is why many Americans are absolutely furious. In fact, one former Marine is hoping to make his frustrations known.

According to the Blaze, Mike Shephard has created a Facebook community and challenge, titled “Half-Mast Challenge: Teach Obama Respect,” in hopes of teaching President Obama an epic lesson about respect for the armed forces. Shephard, who reportedly served in the U.S. Marine Corps, posted an announcement on the DC Gazette stating his intentions.


As of today, the president has ordered that flags be flown at half-mast, but many Americans feel the damage is already done and his orders are “too little, too late.” So, Shepard has a new proposition to make up for the lost time, and he’s hoping Americans band together to make their sentiments known, as well.

Here’s the text from his DC Gazette announcement.

“Most are fully aware of the president not showing support for our fallen and flags continue flying high in the sky. He invited the family of a traitor named Berghdal [sic] to the rose garden to celebrate the release of our enemy. He has yet to call out the terrorist who shot up two recruiting stations in Chattanooga. Well, we don’t need permission to show our respect for those five lives lost. I am reaching out to you America in hopes that we teach Obama about respect.

I say we should come together and fly our flags at half mast until the 30th of July. The 30th will mark the two week anniversary of this tragedy. Let’s show the president what it is to respect this country and our fallen. If you drive by a business, please go in and ask they fly that flag at half mast. If we get the whole country to do it the president might get the message. The message that he is just one man while we are the voice of America. If he won’t call for flags to be flown at half mast the American people will. Please share this and together we can show Washington what it means to respect…

May God forever bless you all,


So far, the “Half-Mast Challenge” has more than 1,500 supporters. However, it is unclear whether the demand will be observed nationwide.

[Photo by Michael Loccisano / Getty Images]