Anne Hathaway Has The Best Reaction To Amy Schumer’s ‘Trainwreck’ Diss

If you’ve seen Amy Schumer’s comedy, Trainwreck, then you know there’s a huge diss aimed right at Academy Award winner Anne Hathaway. It gets a huge laugh when it happens, and if going by Anne Hathaway’s reaction, it seems like she got a kick out of it, too.

In case you haven’t seen the movie, you can stop reading right here. In the film, Schumer’s character makes fun of her boyfriend (Bill Hader) after he gets an award for his charity work. She compares his behavior to Anne Hathaway on Oscar night as he clutches his award.

Anne Hathaway went to see the film on Monday, and even posted her ticket stub on Instagram to prove it. She captioned the picture congratulating Amy on the success of the movie, and even nudged her a bit about the joke, proving that she can take one herself.

“Dear @AmySchumer,

Don’t pretend like when you win your Oscar- which you could for your brilliant and refreshing writing and/or acting in @TrainwreckMovie- you won’t tote it around to every Oscar party you go to.

Way to slay,


This isn’t the first time Anne Hathaway proved she can take a joke. When quizzed on her ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri, who was jailed, she told David Letterman, “As far as relationships crashing and burning goes, c’mon, I did pretty great. I mean, scorched that earth!”

And while Schumer may not be up for an Oscar (yet), she did just get nominated for an Emmy award for her comedic show, Inside Amy Schumer. When she heard about the news, Schumer tweeted out as follows.

So far, Trainwreck is succeeding in a big way. It made director Judd Apatow’s second best opening at the box office, right behind Knocked Up. Trainwreck earned an A- CinemaScore and came in at No. 3, holding its own with popular properties such as Minions and Ant-Man. In the end, the film made $30.1 million.

The fan response has been great so far.

staying much more on brand today by sneaking a bottle of rosé into a matinee showing of trainwreck (it’s what @amyschumer would’ve wanted)

— vocal fried (@harmonicait) July 19, 2015

Safe to say, it looks like everyone is laughing right along with Amy Schumer.

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