WWE News: Daniel Bryan Talks About Having Issues With Ex-WWE Star

It would be difficult to find anyone more likable in WWE than Daniel Bryan, both inside the ring and out. Nobody has ever really had anything bad to say about the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, as he’s pretty much universally respected both in and out of the ring by his fellow WWE superstars. But, there was a time where that wasn’t the case.

During his nearly two-decade long career, Bryan has rarely said anything bad about anybody. He’s a positive and patient guy. But in his new book YES! My Improbable Journey to the Main-Event of WrestleMania, Bryan criticizes one former WWE superstar for being disrespectful towards him during his early WWE days.

Bryan describes that before a flight, former WWE talent Ezekiel Jackson was the first and only WWE superstar to show him any kind of disrespect during his WWE career, saying that Jackson tried to bully him into giving up the aisle seat on their flight together, as Jackson had the middle seat, and Bryan had the aisle seat, which didn’t make “Big Zeke” very happy.

“The next day, I had my first [and, really, my only] experience of disrespect by another superstar, while headed San Jose to Phoenix for my first-ever WrestleMania with WWE. All of us who performed on the SmackDown and NXT tapings were on the same flight, including the NXT rookies. The eight of us were sitting in booths near a food court at the airport, along with [William] Regal. Ezekiel Jackson, a muscular, 300-pound guy who had been wrestling for a couple of years, came up to us and said, ‘Which one of you rookies has an aisle seat?’ He had a middle seat and wasn’t too happy about it. ‘I do,’ I said. ‘Not anymore you don’t,’ he responded.”

Even though at that point Jackson had been in WWE longer than Daniel Bryan, he had been wrestling for significantly less time that Bryan had, as Bryan started his career in 1999 and was thought of as one of the best wrestlers in the world, if not the best, whereas Jackson started in 2007 in WWE’s Florida Championship Wrestling, where he was signed based on his look, and his in-ring skills were the opposite of Bryan’s.

So far, Daniel Bryan’s book is getting rave reviews, and Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported several months ago after reading an advance copy of the book that the final page reveals a shocking revelation about Bryan’s career.

[Image via WWE]