Lucky Blue Smith: 17-Year-Old Mormon Model Takes The Internet By Storm

Lucky Blue Smith is taking the internet, and the international fashion industry, by storm. Although he began modeling at the age of 12, the teen’s career was propelled via social media — including Instagram. With more than one million followers, the 17-year-old Mormon is one of the hottest male models in the industry.

As reported by Business of Fashion, Lucky Blue and his sisters — Daisy Clementine, Pyper America, and Starlie Cheyenne, are all involved in the fashion and music industries.

In the late 2000s, the Smith siblings learned to play instruments and formed a band called The Atomics.

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In 2009, a talent agent from Next LA discovered Daisy Clementine while visiting the family’s hometown in Utah. Two years later, the management company offered contracts to Pyper, Starlie, Lucky Blue, and their parents.

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As reported by i-D Vice, the Smith family eventually moved to Hollywood to pursue their new careers.

Although he has become a successful model, working with Calvin Klein, Gap, and Tom Ford, the teen said the band remains an important part of his life — as modeling and music “are part of the same creative outlet.”

Lucky Blue Smith has amassed an impressive 1.2 million followers on Instagram. Although a majority of his fans are teenage girls, the teen said he plans to abstain from sex until he is married — as he and his family are devout Mormons.

The Smith family matriarch, Sheriden, admits balancing fame and religion will be a challenge. However, as reported by Malaysian Digest, she believes their faith is strong enough to stand up to any obstacles.

“We definitely have concerns… but we have confidence and faith in our children. There have been countless discussions about how it is OK to be in the world, but you don’t have to be of the world… [Lucky Blue] is an honest kid. He’s squeaky clean, he doesn’t go to clubs. It’s all about work for him at the moment.”

Although Daisy Clementine, Lucky Blue, Pyper America, and Starlie Cheyenne are expected to follow certain rules, Sheriden said she and her husband are not unusually strict.

“… somewhat strict, but not in the typical ways. We are a lot more strict with how you treat someone, and if you are a good person, than with missing a curfew or a homework assignment. We are risk-takers and will always default to creativity.”

Lucky Blue Smith has seen great success at a very young age. However, his parents are not letting the fame go to his head. Although the entire family has contracts with Next LA, they are currently sharing a two-bedroom apartment.

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