Miley Cyrus Will Host VMAs: What To Expect

Leveraging her Instagram following for maximum theatrics, Miley Cyrus announced she’d again host the MTV Video Music Awards where she’ll emcee the event – the first one since 2012 when Kevin Hart earned that title. If you recall, her 2013 Video Music Award appearance was highlighted by her duet with Robin Thicke which ended in some pretty ‘saucy’ sexual innuendos. She’ll make the perfect VMA host, according to Time Magazine. We agree.

Miley Cyrus has taken the show, targeted to the younger generation of music fans, by storm. Although last year’s event was surprisingly modest, Cyrus still managed to grab an award for “Wrecking Ball” which took top Video honors. Her widely known provocateur guise literally makes the show more enticing to watch, although we’re expecting Ariana Grande and other acts to perform equally above bar this year, too. For the sake of publicity, fans are hoping some type of clothing malfunction is planned.

Hard to believe the once innocent Hannah Montana actress has transformed the aesthetics of an already twisted music industry by virtue of her rebellious chanteuse and sexy starlet acts. Regardless, there’s no need for an opening script or Jimmy Kimmel appearances when Miley Cyrus takes center stage to announce the biggest video disputers of 2015. Because plenty of kerfuffle will follow her on TMZ and Twitter leading up to her monumental performance at the VMAs.

Her Instagram photo says it all in split frame picturesque form: “MTV won’t let me perform, so I’m hosting this year’s VMAs.” The light green alien costume describes her colorful personality and penchant for mystique. The tongue twirling, skilled twerking teen heartthrob made headlines last year during the presentation of her award when she invited an indigent homeless guy up to accept the award on her behalf. Yes, it’s classic Miley Cyrus millions of viewers will see August 30 at 9 p.m., during an already hot summer in many parts of America. Her presence will only make things hotter.

Taylor Swift currently leads an all-star cast of nominees with nine, followed by Ed Sheeran, Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé. Of course, “Uptown Funk” will undoubtedly come close to grabbing numerous awards thanks to an epic Bruno Mars performance. Miley Cyrus may need to avoid running afoul with her microphone, but nonetheless, we’re certain the 2015 VMAs will send Twitter and Instagram into pandemonium – again.

MTV is currently open for voting on Video of the Year, so scamper on over there and read more about the Miley Cyrus host news, too.

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment]