Bindi Irwin Dating At Sweet 16: ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin’s Daughter Shares Dad’s Loving Lessons [Photos]

Bindi Irwin dating? While it seems like such a short time ago that the adorable little daughter of Steve Irwin was heartbroken over her animal expert father’s death, Bindi will celebrate going from sweet 16 to 17 on Friday, reported Entertainment Tonight.

Irwin is happily dating, and although she won’t share her special someone’s name, Bindi has been spotted with Chandler Powell, who has made the art of wake-boarding into a career.

“There is someone special in my life right now, and I’m really happy with that,” said Irwin coyly. “Life is wonderful at the moment.”

And although Bindi was raised befriending critters from snakes to ‘gators, Irwin also has discovered the joys of getting glamorous, which she shares on Instagram.

Photoshoot on Australia Day. #LostInThought #Flashback ✨

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But although Bindi does share on Instagram, she avoids Facebook. Irwin has no plans to reveal her dating status on that element of social media.

“I have never joined the Facebook world, because to be truthful social media scares me to death,” confessed Bindi. “It is kind of crazy how huge that world is, so I have never joined Facebook, but I do have Instagram and Twitter.”

And above all, Irwin holds her father’s memory close to her heart. She also treasures her little brother.

“Mom and Dad are truly my heroes,” asserted Bindi. “And I have to say, so is my little brother Robert. He’s 11 and he’s just the most amazing boy. He’s so much like Dad sometimes it’s a bit scary. Dad is and always will be my living, breathing superhero.”

Bindi still gains inspiration from the qualities of famed Crocodile Hunter star Irwin, and she looks for those same qualities in the dating world, reported People.

“He would have to be very kind and loyal,” said Bindi of what she wants in a boyfriend. “You’ve got to love the outdoors, you’ve got to be able to go camping and love wildlife and have that same passion for making the world a better place.”

Irwin also revealed that if her father were still alive, he would set up dating tests for her boyfriends.

“Dad always said you can’t date till you’re 40, and he has to be able to swim across our largest crocodile pond before he can go out with you,” she shared.

And although Bindi was 8-years old when dad Irwin died from a stingray, she remembers his lessons.

“You’ll always carry a part of that person in your life,” said the teenager. “I realize that Dad would have wanted me to be happy, to carry love in my heart, and to love every single day.”

Bindi’s style is a dramatic contrast to another 17-year-old in the news. As the Inquisitr reported, 17-year-old Kylie Jenner has been earning attention for flaunting her cleavage and sharing her controversial views on cosmetic surgery at a young age.

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