1,200 Guns Found At Dead Man’s Home: Authorities Investigating Massive Weapons Stash In Condo

Police found more than 1,200 guns scattered throughout the garage and condominium of a Pacific Palisades, California man recently, and it seems there was about two tons of ammunition on the property as well. The discovery was made as police investigated the death of the man who apparently lived in the home, and the find was described as staggering.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the man involved has not been publicly identified, and there has been no official determination as of yet how he died. The man was found dead in a car parked near his home. At this point, the investigation has revealed no signs of foul play, and the man’s death is not believed to be a homicide.

Police have yet to determine why the man had more than 1,200 guns and two tons of ammunition at his home. Reports indicate that the collection included a wide range of gun types from rifles to shotguns to high-end pistols. Some had been fired while others still had price tags attached.

So far, there has been no indication that there was any criminal element to the arsenal of 1,200 guns and reports detail that there has been no criminal motive revealed in the investigation. As the Los Angeles Police Department continues the investigation, they will look to ascertain whether any of the weapons can be linked to any crimes. The authorities will also investigate the history, background and legality of each weapon found in the home.

KTLA shares that the home had a couple living there, and neighbors indicate that they mostly kept to themselves. One neighbor termed the couple as being fairly secretive, and they did raise some suspicions among the other neighbors who had no idea that there were 1,200 guns in the home. Gun ownership and gun control rights tend to be a hot-button topic in California, but this incident seems sure to get people on all sides of the topic buzzing.

The case began last Friday when police received reports about a dead and decomposing man being found in a vehicle on the street near the condominiums. Though the man’s name has not been released, authorities linked him to the Pacific Palisades home. The Robbery-Homicide Division obtained a search warrant for the home, and that’s when the 1,200 guns and tons of ammunition were discovered.

Many neighboring homes were evacuated for about 12 hours on Saturday, and an LAPD bomb squad was brought in to search the home. Luckily, nobody was injured leading up to or through the search, and neighbors will surely be anxious to learn more about what was going on in the home. The woman who reportedly owned the townhouse has yet to be identified publicly.

Authorities point out that it is not a crime to own a large number of guns, as long as they are legally obtained and owned. The LAPD will, however, be spending a lot of time researching to see if that was indeed the case with this man who had 1,200 guns stored in his California home and garage.

[Photo By David McNew / Getty Images]