Remember When Charlize Theron Invited Obama To A Strip Club?

Remember that one time when Charlize Theron invited Obama to a strip club? She does too — very clearly, and it’s something she shared in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night.

The 39-year-old actress made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live back in March with President Obama. She was apparently very nervous about meeting the big man himself, and ended up saying something she’s regretted ever since.

“This is terrible, Jimmy. This is terrible,” she told Kimmel during her interview.

“I have this thing that happens when I get nervous where I get so nervous that I will say something really inappropriate … it’s like Tourette’s in a weird way. Like I don’t know how to stop it, it’s like blahhhh… it’s like verbal diarrhea.”

Kimmel explained how they were looking for President Obama on the show, and then they realized that he was talking to Charlize. At this point, Charlize raised her hand to her eyes, looking mortified, and revealed exactly how she invited President Obama to a strip club with her.

Apparently, while the two were chatting behind the scenes, Obama expressed his excitement to be on Jimmy Kimmel’s show because it afforded him an opportunity to reach a younger demographic.

At this point, Theron’s “verbal diarrhea” came out in full force, as she responded as follows.

“Well, if you’re looking for a different demographic, I can take you to a strip club.”

And you can imagine Charlize Theron’s embarrassment at having just invited Obama to a strip club.

“Michelle Obama is going to kill me,” Theron quipped as Kimmel joked about how going to a strip club with Charlize didn’t seem like such a bad idea. However, Theron reports that our well-spoken president was very kind about the entire, awkward situation.

“He was so gracious and funny and he could tell that I was really nervous and he was nothing but lovely and then I couldn’t sleep for like four weeks ’cause every time I closed my eyes I went, (gasp)… I said that!… Why did I say that?!”

Despite the embarrassing moment, Theron looked better than ever on the show wearing a black mini dress with glitter pinstripes. The mother of three, who recently split from her fiancée, Sean Penn, brought along her 3-year-old son, Jackson, to the studio to enjoy the day with her on the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Thankfully, there hasn’t been much said about the incident before now, even though it would be very difficult to forget when Charlize Theron invited Obama to a strip club.

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