WWE News: WWE NXT Star Hideo Itami Teases Comeback At WWE NXT Takeover In Brooklyn

WWE NXT Takeover: Brooklyn is shaping up to be quite an impressive show. The show, of course, takes place in Brooklyn, New York next month on the night before WWE SummerSlam on August 22nd. The show is already set to feature the NXT Title rematch between Kevin Owens and the new champ, Finn Balor. We are also set to find out that Samoa Joe will take on Baron Corbin, and wrestling legend Jushin “Thunder” Liger will be in action against Tyler Breeze.

If this isn’t enough for everyone, yet another big surprise could be coming. NXT star Hideo Itami could be back to wrestle by then. While Itami was set to be out until October at the latest after recent shoulder surgery, he is apparently teasing a return to the ring at Takeover next month.

Most feel that if he is there, he won’t wrestle. Itami could be a fast healer, but the WWE does not want to take any chances with him as he could be a big star for them for many years to come. To risk the health of Hideo Itami just to rush him back would illogical. WWE NXT has a top tier rivalry ready to go in Samoa Joe and Finn Balor for the next few months.

That said, there is no need for Hideo Itami to come back so quickly. If he comes back later on, he would be healthy and still a top tier name with NXT the moment he comes back into play.

If Hideo were to come back to action this quickly, the risk would be too great to justify cutting his recovery short. Itami is in his mid-30’s, and his body is already beaten up from over a decade of Indy work across the world. Like many before him, there are more injuries and issues from wrestling than he even cares to comment on. A break is good for him, especially in WWE where you still have a guaranteed contract to help pay the bills.

If this were the Indy scene, you better bet Hideo Itami would want to be back next month. The fact that he can take more time to recover is another reason why every pro wrestler hopes to make it to the WWE main roster before their career is over.

Despite the need for patience, it is possible that Hideo Itami is doing the tease as a way to give fans something to think about. We will have to see what occurs. Most would not put it past Hideo to return for a storyline at NXT Takeover. However, getting back in the ring at this early juncture seems doubtful right now.

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