Young Thug A Real Thug? Persistent Legal Problems Plague The Rapper

Just days after Lil Wayne said he has no ill will towards Young Thug, the most dramatic bombshell yet in the war of the rappers has been dropped — and an indictment that suggests that Birdman, who used to be Lil Wayne’s producer, and Young Thug, who has been frenemies with both men, have been named in the attempted murder plot of Lil Wayne when his tour bus was shot at in April of this year.

Young Thug is fresh out of jail after threatening to shoot a mall cop in the face. Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffrey Williams, landed himself in DeKalb County Jail after being asked to leave a mall by security guards. Why he was asked to leave is somewhat foggy, with no reliable explanation reported, but how he reacted has been made crystal clear. As he was being escorted out, he told them he was going to shoot one of the security guards in the face. That’s when the actual local police were called, and while he escaped before they arrived, a warrant was issued for his arrest, and a week later, Williams was arrested. U.S. Marshals were called into the case to help find arrest Thug, who finally tracked him down to a house in Atlanta.

Whatever’s going on in Thug’s personal life, his reconciliation of sorts with Lil Wayne seems short-lived in light of the recent death plot allegations. An indictment does not mean that one is guilty of a crime, but it means that enough evidence exists to investigate his possible role in the shooting (which harmed nobody). However, a conviction could possibly land him or Birdman, or both, an attempted murder charge.

It’s becoming increasingly alarming that perhaps Young Thug has real homicidal tendencies — threatening to shoot a mall security officer and an indictment for a plot to kill Lil Wayne does not bode well for the rapper, who would not be the first rapper who actually participates in the illegal activity he raps about. Young Thug’s popularity has soared in recent months, possibly due to his conflicts with Lil Wayne and his persistent personal and legal problems that seem to follow him.

While one is innocent until proven guilty, it appears that Young Thug is at a crossroads in his career. He may already be in over his head with the indictment for the shooting incident, but it may not be too late to save his reputation and career depending on the outcome. What do you think about Young Thug’s latest actions?

[Photo by Huzlers]