Orange County Housewife Tamra Barney ‘Heartbroken’ Over Son’s Arrest, New Report Claims Ryan Vieth’s Fiancee Was Texting Other Men

Orange County housewife Tamra Barney is said to be “heartbroken” over her son’s, Ryan Vieth’s, latest arrest. Although the reality star has since claimed there are two sides to every story, a source told People Magazine on July 20 that the Orange County housewife is devastated over her son’s June, 2015, fight with his fiancée, Sarah Rodriguez.

Earlier this week, the Orange County Sheriff Department confirmed Vieth’s arrest, and revealed new details to the magazine. Among the new developments were reports of possible sneakiness by Rodriguez. While the issue has yet to be confirmed, she and Vieth, who welcomed their first child together just five months ago, were reportedly fighting over texts sent between Rodriguez and a number of other men.

“The cops arrived and questioned both of them. Their stories didn’t add up. They told Ryan that they had to arrest him because she claimed he pushed her down the stairs and she hurt her finger.”

The Orange County housewife took to Instagram on Monday, where she released a statement to fans in regard to her son’s arrest.

“There are Two sides to every story! What radar onLie didn’t report was: everything was DISMISSED. No CHARGES No violence No injuries. They are still together going through counseling with pastor Mike. They are very hurt that someone would tip off the press and give quotes that are not true. We ask for your prayers, not your judgment.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Orange County housewife’s son was arrested last month after Rodriguez reportedly called police from a neighbor’s home, claiming she was involved in an altercation, during which her finger may have been broken. Although Radar Online was first to confirm the report, several outlets have since spoken out on the arrest.

During her 911 call, Rodriguez claimed the Orange County housewife’s son, Vieth, was drunk and shirtless during their fight, and remained in their home with their daughter, Ava Ryan, and several firearms. Rodriguez also refused to give more details in regard to the altercation because her 5-year-old daughter was with her at the neighbor’s house when she made the call.

Vieth was arrested in the early morning hours of June 28, and released from custody around 2 p.m. that same day.

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