Jared Padalecki Celebrates Birthday With Third T-Shirt Campaign

Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki celebrated his 33rd birthday on July 19, and he did it in a selfless way. Rather than tweeting all about presents, he started his third t-shirt campaign in support of To Write Love On Her Arms. The new campaign continues on from the previous two, focusing on the slogan “Always Keep Fighting.” This has become a slogan for all Supernatural fans and was included on small candles during San Diego Comic Con earlier this month.

This third campaign is more personal than the others. Padalecki recently admitted to suffering from depression himself after experiencing a relapse this year. He opted to take time off from conventions to spend time with his family because he knew that he needed them to keep his head in the right place. Admitting to suffering from depression was a big deal. As MTV points out, a celebrity admitting to depression leads to many questions about what he could possibly be depressed about when he has so much money.

The first two campaigns have been highly successful. The first was just Jared on his own, posing with the words “Always Keep Fighting” surrounding him. The second featured his Supernatural co-star Jensen Ackles with their show nicknames Moose and Squirrel. This third campaign is back to Jared Padalecki featured on his own again, this time with moose antlers behind him and the popular slogan.

The goal for this campaign was to sell 1,000 shirts. At the time of writing this, almost 7,150 have been sold, and there is still nine days left to buy one. Once the campaign ends, the t-shirts will no longer be available. All proceeds during this time will go to the charity To Write Love On Her Arms, which supports those with depression, bipolar disease and other emotional illnesses. The first campaign saw more than 23,000 people buy Padalecki’s t-shirts.

The charity is in the hearts of both Jared and Jensen. They have either suffered from depression or known others who have. Jensen recently took to Facebook to explain that he lost a friend due to depression and suicide. It is a more common issue than many believe because so many people suffer in silence, including those in the public eye.

Jared just wanted to reach his target of selling 1000 t-shirts for his 33rd birthday. That has already happened, and he has surpassed that considerably. With nine days left, it is also possible that Jared Padalecki’s third campaign could surpass the figures from his first one featuring the slogan “Always Keep Fighting.”

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]