5 New Features In iOS 9 Update For iPhone 5

5 New Features In iOS 9 Update For iPhone 5

The new iOS 9 update for iPhone 5 is already up, in beta, and while Apple has yet to encourage installation of iOS 9 on your iPhone 5, tech testers have already dived head first on the new iOS 9 update for iPhone 5, and here are the top 5 new features that they think is worth the update.

In 2011, Apple released voice assistant Siri for iPhone users and, after years of development, iOS 9 will see a better, brand new Siri. The new Siri of the iOS 9 for iPhone 5 is said to be a smarter, more self-aware Siri that is better at reminders and prompts. After the iOS 9 update on your iPhone 5, Siri will now be able to more effectively remind you about e-mails and text messages by saying the magic words, “Remind me about this.” Add a particular time and date for the request, and Siri version iOS 9 will remind you based on your request. The iPhone 5 upgrade of Siri is also better with handling music and photo requests. A new HomeKit will also be available to certain iPhone and iPad users, which will enable better control of home automation via Siri.

The iOS 9 will also boost your iPhone 5’s battery life. Battery life is literally the lifeblood of an iPhone, and any iPhone will become useless if its battery life is short. Apple announces that the iPhone 5 OS update will bring an additional 1 hour of battery life, and that’s actually quite efficient if your iPhone 5 is constantly running on dangerously low levels. The battery boost for iPhone 5 is made possible by Apple’s move to trim iPhone battery usage in apps and other iPhone services. In addition to the battery boost for your iPhone 5, the iOS 9 update for iPhone 5 will introduce a new low power mode option that will limit network activity. Activating this featuring in iPhone 5 will result to an additional 3 hours of battery life for your iPhone.

Those who own the lowest 16GB iPhone 5 version will be happy to know about this third new feature introduced by iOS 9 to the iPhone 5. Fondly called (by Apple) “App thinning,” your iPhone will now be capable of downloading apps that will download, install faster, launch faster, and take up less storage space on your iPhone 5. This is because the iPhone App store will download a version of the app that is specifically optimized for the iPhone device. In addition, the iOS 9 upgrade for iPhone 5 will also be able to automatically delete and reinstall applications so that the iPhone user can efficiently and easily install a new update to the app.

Cooler and new apps will also be available to your iPhone 5 after the iOS 9 update. The Notes app for your iPhone will get an overhaul that will make it more similar to the very useful Evernote app. Although some think this is a little too late for the iPhone to develop, better late than never. Apple News is also another new app entirely. Inspired from Flipboard, the new app made available to the iPhone 5 by iOS 9 will allow iPhone users to instantly update themselves with what’s what in society.

Finally and most importantly, the added security feature for iPhone 5 is made possible by the iOS 9 update. iPhone 5 units are not built with a Touch ID home button, unlike the newer iPhone 6, meaning new security features are a plus. The iOS 9 update will enable the iPhone 5 to support a six digit passcode, a huge upgrade from the current four digit passcode for iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 will also be able to support a two-factor authentication that when you sign in from a new browser or device, you will be sent a verification code through your iPhone 5 to confirm your login.

As of now, iOS 9 for iPhone 5 is already available for download for beta testing. Since iOS 9 is still in beta version for iPhone 5, expect app crashes, reboots, and innumerable bugs that might interfere with your daily iPhone use. Upgrade your iPhone 5 to the iOS 9 beta at your own discretion.

[Image via Peter MacDiarmid / Getty Images]