Rooftop Bar Death: Woman Jumps To Her Death From Upscale New York City Rooftop Bar

A rooftop bar death is under investigation in New York City after a 30-year-old woman jumped to her death Monday evening.

According to the New York Post, 30-year-old Faigy Mayer took a running leap off the roof of the 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar Monday evening during a corporate party, the 20 story drop killing her immediately. Why Mayer jumped is still under investigation, and while some believe she was simply intoxicated, new reports make it seem as if the women was struggling internally.

The Daily Mail reported earlier today that despite a positive adulthood working as an app developer for Appton, she had a rough upbringing, one that may have haunted her for quite some time. Mayer reportedly was born and raised in Williamsburg’s Hasidic Jewish community, but rejected the strict religious beliefs from a very young age.

Mayer reportedly took part in a National Geographic Documentary titled Inside Hasidism in 2009 and during the documentary, she explained that she “eschewed Hasidism” and because of this, she was thrown out of her home by her own parents at a very young age.

“My parents they were like, point blank, you have to get out of here because you are not religious anymore.”

She went on to explain that she never really had any interest in Yiddish or Hebrew, and that she “wanted to transition out at a very fast pace, and it was so challenging emotionally.”

From looking at Mayer’s social media presense, it would seem as if she was rather happy with where she was in life. In fact, on June 30, she took to Facebook to post a photo of a mural at the High Line. The photo was of her standing in front of the mural which read “Life Is Beautiful,” in bright pink letters. She even captioned the photograph with “Yes, life is beautiful #mrbrainwash just finished painting this.”

While the photo seemed rather uplifting, some are wondering if she truly believed that life was beautiful, especially after a comment appeared on the photo which read, “wished you believed it, girl *hugs*.”

While there were a few witnesses to the tragic rooftop bar death, it seems as if the large majority of those attending the party Monday evening didn’t seem to have any idea of what had happened. One witness, Becky Whittemore, told the New York Post that Mayer just ran through the party guests and straight to the edge of the rooftop.

“There was a big corporate party up there and she kind of ran through them [the partygoers] and jumped. They closed off the section where she jumped from. I think a lot of the people up there had zero clue what was going on.”

As of this report, the rooftop bar death of 30-year-old Faigy Mayer is still under investigation. Stay with the Inquisitr as more information becomes available.

[Image via Faigy Mayer / Facebook]