‘The Mindy Project’ Season 4 Spoilers: Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Guest Star, Plus When Mindy’s Giving Birth

The Mindy Project may be moving to Hulu for its fourth season, but that does not mean that things have to necessarily change for the comedy show.

That is at least true when it comes to its casting and some of the actors it gets, and the latest news out proves just that.

In the last Mindy Project episode to air (on FOX), the season 3 finale, Mindy tried to get Danny to meet her parents before they leave for India for a year, but after he didn’t, she admitted to Peter that they didn’t even know she and Danny are in a relationship. When Morgan found out, he thought it was because Danny wasn’t the father of Mindy’s baby and brought in a few of her ex-boyfriends – to the baby shower at Annette’s. What ensued led to Danny telling her that he didn’t want to get married.

However, then, instead of flying to Texas for Peter’s wedding (which Mindy has to miss because she has preeclampsia), Danny went to India and to her parents’ place to introduce himself and tell them he’s in love with their daughter. It was quite the ending for the season, which was why it was such good news that Hulu picked up the series for a 26-episode season 4.

Now BuzzFeed News has reported casting news and plot details for the season 4 premiere, the first episode of 26 new ones that will debut on Hulu. Given Mindy’s love for romantic comedies, it should be no surprise that the idea comes from one: Sliding Doors.

The premiere will show an alternate reality in which Mindy is not with Danny but is instead married to a “suave” producer of a reality show on Bravo, Matt, played by guest star Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

But there is also news out about what’s really happening with Mindy in the fourth season of The Mindy Project, as E! News has reported that Mindy will be “giving birth pretty early in the season.”

So while the baby may be coming sooner rather than later when the series picks up again, that timeline does seem to possibly give Mindy and Danny a chance to talk about their relationship, especially given where they left things at the end of season 3. Will Danny’s gesture of going to see her parents in India help smooth things over since he told her he doesn’t want to get married? Will Danny and Mindy even be together in season 4, or could they still be in a rocky place when she gives birth? There are, after all, at least 26 more episodes to see what happens next.

The Mindy Project season 4 will be available on Hulu.

[Image via FOX]