‘The Flash’ Producer Andrew Kreisberg Drops Season 2 Information, Adam Copeland Discusses ‘Atom-Smasher’

The Flash, one of the newer entries into the ever-expanding comic book adaptation universe, has been slowly seeing Season 2 come together through various snippets of information. The Inquisitr reported earlier that the Flash has an all-new costume for this season, and that is just scratching the surface of what is to come.

Just what the sentiment and atmosphere is on The Flash, going into Season 2, has yet to be detailed. According to Blastr, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg compares and contrasts the first and second season.

“Last year was about getting the band together and Barry’s first initial steps into being the Flash. This year, it’s, ‘Great, we’re doing it now and what does that mean?’ Everybody in Central City knows about the Flash, now. He’s becoming a public figure.”

Kreisberg also points out in The Flash Season 2, the citizenry of Central City are not just merely cognizant of superheroes, but also villains.

” The notion that the denizens of Central City live in a universe where people have superpowers — and there are evil people with superpowers like someone who can melt a building in front of you — is not outlandish, any more.”

Atom-Smasher has been reported to be one of the many particle accelerator-created villains in The Flash Season 2, but what makes for a case of duality and uncertain direction for the character is the fact that he is a superhero in the Flash’s early comic book issues.

Comicbook reports that Atom-Smasher actor Adam Copeland indicated that he is not just going to be in The Flash Season 2, but could also show up on Arrow, as he took a shot at Green Arrow.

“Well, Flash and The Arrow are in the same DC Comics Universe, so I may battle Stephen Amell on the CW and we all know that a Spear is more powerful than an arrow.”

Besides the fact that Arrow and The Flash have already crossed paths a few times in Season 1, and the fact that Legends of Tomorrow is set to be a constant DC crossover universe itself, Andrew Kreisberg teased that crossovers between The Flash in Season 2, Arrow in Season 4, and Legends of Tomorrow will be far more frequent going forward.

“Legends is essentially crossovers every week because it was born out of the fun of seeing everyone together. So, that is the big crossover event and, throughout the year, there will be mini-crossovers, like when Felicity and Ray came over, or the great moment at the end of Arrow where we saw Carlos for one scene. The shows are linked. If there is a terrorist attacks in Central City, they are going to hear about it in Starling City. I think there was a concern that, sometimes, when you expand these things, they implode, but, instead, they seem to liven each other up.”

The Flash Season 2 has certainly a lot of high expectations, and the DC TV Universe is seriously expanding very soon. The Flash, Arrow, and DC Comics fans in general have a lot to be excited about.

[Image via Creative Commons / Gage Skidmore]