Suspected Killer Peter Keller Spent 8 Years Building Hidden Bunker

Suspected killer Peter Keller prepared for years before he eventually killed his wife and 18-year-old daughter according to authorities who examined various documents found at Keller’s home.

The 41-year-old alleged murderer spent 22 hours inside his mountainside bunker until agents detonated the bunkers entrance and discovered Keller had killed himself with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Authorities

The bunker was carved into the side of Rattlesnake Ridge, a site located east of Seattle.

A police sergeant tells the Associated Press that the bunker which took eight years to build was “amazingly fortified” and packed with various items including 13 guns, ammunition stored in plastic bags, propane tanks for cooking, a generator, various pieces of body armor, gas cans and various food items.


Keller fled to the bunker last weekend, leading SWAT teams to search around the area for eight hours before discovering his secret hideout. The search was conducted with the help of experienced trackers who were tipped of Keller’s whereabouts by hikerswho spotted the killers truck. Off-trail boot prints eventually led to the secret bunker which was hidden in the hillside by ferns and sticks.

Keller was described by court documents as a ‘survivalist loner’ who spent all of his free time building his bunker and stockpiling it with supplies before committing murder.

Documents were found in Keller’s home after a fire he started using at least six gas cans was extinguished by local fire fighters, those documents showed pictures which eventually helped authorities pin down a searchable location for his bunker hideaway.