Does Heather Dubrow Think Tamra Barney’s Marriage Is In Trouble?

Heather Dubrow is a good friend to Tamra Barney these days, even though they haven’t always been close.

While Barney has been busy with her new granddaughter, her business and her marriage, Dubrow has been taking the time to support for co-star. And it sounds like she could use all the help required, as she is stressing about CUT Fitness on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

While Heather Dubrow may not have a fitness studio, she does have several business ventures in the works and Heather even did some of them with her husband, Terry Dubrow. In other words, Dubrow may be able to offer some valuable business advice in relation to marriage.

According to a new Bravo report, Heather Dubrow is now revealing that she really liked listening to Tamra’s thoughts, especially because she has been in a similar situation.

“I really enjoy talking and sharing with Tamra. After being friends for four years we understand each other’s relationships and lives. It’s nice to be able to open up and give and receive advice in a non-judgmental way,” Heather reveals after sitting down with her co-star, adding that she herself has several balls in the air.

But just because Barney and Eddie have plenty of things going on doesn’t mean their marriage is doomed. In fact, Heather Dubrow may think that they are just building the right foundation.

“Tamra and Eddie love each other and have a great foundation. She’s right, starting a business the first year of marriage was probably a little ambitious, but they will find their way. When Terry and I started working on our skin care line we were only married about a year, but I was a working actress and he was a doctor, so it was more of a side business that we enjoyed doing together. Much less pressure than what Tamra and Eddie are trying to accomplish,” Dubrow revealed, adding that she does have experience in this field.

Apparently, Heather and Terry started their own business shortly after they were married. But with Terry being a full-time doctor and Heather being an actress, the two were just having fun with the business on the side. It wasn’t something that Heather absolutely needed to put food on the table. And as fans saw on last night’s episode, Tamra may be a little stressed about her business.

“At the end of last year Cut Fitness kinda took a dip and I panicked. I’m like close the doors, we’re losing money, I can’t do this and Eddie’s like just relax,” Barney revealed on The Real Housewives of Orange County, adding, “I thought maybe we need to make some changes? Maybe we need to do something different. So we were thinking, why don’t we give people a little bit of Cut Fitness for free?”

Tamra and Eddie have been rumored to be fighting and possibly divorcing, but based on last night’s episode and Heather Dubrow’s blog, it sounds like it was just a moment of stress. In fact, it may be nothing compared to the stress her ex-husband is causing, according to the Inquisitr.

Do you think Heather Dubrow is right?

[Image via Bravo]