Marcy's Diner Owner Screams In Crying 2-Year-Old's Face, But Why Are People Congratulating Her?

Last week, Darla Neugebauer screamed in the face of a crying 2-year-old girl that was in her restaurant. As you'd expect, the internet reacted with a huge outcry to this incident. However, despite her apparently outrageous antics, the Marcy's Diner owner has also been receiving support from some quarters, too.

The incident began last week when Darla Neugebauer was so angry with a crying 2-year-old that she decided the only appropriate action would be to scream back in her face.

Following this altercation, the child's mother, Tara Carson, took to her Facebook page to vent her outrage. She wrote as follows on Marcy's Diner's Facebook page.

"I had the worst experience at this establishment. The owner is an absolute lunatic and screamed in the face of my almost 2-year-old child [because] she was crying. Who in their right mind would behave like this unless you are deranged. You have a problem with a child crying then you are not suitable to run a business. If it bothered you so much you should have spoken to me and not traumatized my child by screaming in her face. May karma bite you in the a**."
Rather than backing off in this situation and apologising profusely for her actions, Darla Neugebauer -- or someone working for Marcy's Diner -- decided to fight back, and explained what happened in her own words. The screengrabs contain strong and explicit language, and thus are not represented, but you can view them courtesy of BuzzFeed.

Tara Carson has since explained to KVUE reporters, "I felt helpless as a mom that, you now, I couldn't do anything to help her. I can't explain why there's crazy people in this world that behave like that."

Meanwhile, Neugebauer also told KVUE that while she might have used poor judgement, she wasn't sorry for what she did because it led to the child stopping to cry.

And with these two in a stalemate, it was left to the good people of the internet to decide who was right. And, rather surprisingly, most comments that were left on the page were in support of Neugebauer.

They criticised Carson for not being able to control her child, and for failing to take her outside and dealing with the yelling and screaming. Of course, there were others who disagreed with her treatment of the child, too.

But in order to bring a halt to the discussion, Neugebauer decided to delete the original post -- but only after all of the free publicity that had come in for Marcy's Diner, though.

[Image via Edgecast]