June 29, 2017
Jax Taylor Arrested: 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Busted For Stealing Sunglasses

Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor has been arrested on felony charges after stealing an extraordinarily pricey pair of sunglasses from a gift shop in Hawaii, TMZ is reporting.

The 36-year-old Taylor and his gal pal, Brittany Cartwright, were in Hawaii over the weekend, canoodling, enjoying adult beverages, and posting selfies.

On Saturday Jax -- whose real name is Jason -- went into a gift shop and then allegedly left with a pair of sunglasses he didn't pay for. He then came back to the scene of the crime, and cops were there waiting for him. He was taken to jail and charged with a felony, according to MSN (the threshold for felony theft in Hawaii is $300, so that must have been one pricey pair of sunglasses that Jax allegedly stole).

It's possible that Jax didn't actually intend to bogart the sunglasses -- he could have returned to the scene of the "crime" because he'd simply forgotten that he even had them, and he went back to pay for them. Of course, if that's true, Taylor will have to convince a judge of that.

Some of Jax's fans are having fun with the bartender and model on his Instagram page, mocking him for getting arrested.

"How did you manage to get arrested in Hawaii, lol. Only you aaand probably me. Hope you good dude and is something silly.

What you don't make enough money you have to go and steal sunglasses, seriously come on!!! Your not setting a good example for your fans!"

Jax Taylor is hardly the first celebrity to (allegedly) have problems with shoplifting. Actress Winona Ryder, according to this Inquisitr report, has more than once found herself on the wrong side of shoplifting accusations.

As for what Jax and Brittany are doing in Hawaii, it appears that scenes for an upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules are being filmed in The Aloha State. Taylor posted a picture on Instagram that mentions "the crew" -- presumably a Bravo camera crew.

"Hiking Kapena Falls with the crew."
Jax is back from Hawaii now, according to a recent tweet, so it seems that he managed to get out of jail one way or another.As of this post, Jax Taylor has not publicly mentioned his arrest.

[Image courtesy of Getty Images / Michael Buckner]